Hey, are you looking for the best exchange platform to buy and sell Bitcoin in Nigeria at good rates?

Maybe you must have earned cryptocurrency either from

And you are looking for a way to convert your Cryptocurrency be it Bitcoin or ethereum into cash in your local bank account.

Or you want to invest in Bitcoin and you are in search of where to buy Bitcoin in Nigeria with debit or credit card at a friendly rate.

Whichever category you fall in be it.

  • Buying of bitcoin in Nigeria or
  • Selling/converting your bitcoin to cash in your local bank account.

Kindly check out this list of the best platforms to buy and sell bitcoin in Nigeria.

Well, I present you with an Honest overview of the complete list of the best exchanges to buy and sell cryptocurrency in Nigeria.

So whatever platform you see listed here know that they are reliable to transact with.

Moreover, bookmark this page and keep checking it from time to time because more legit exchange platforms will be added.

Well, in this my best exchanges to buy and sell Bitcoin in Nigeria.

I am going to tell you the main point you need to know about this exchange platform.

No hyping, or false promotion.

  • How fast their service are
  • How secure their platform are and
  • How they treat their customers to the very best of my knowledge.

So let move straight up to the complete list of the best platforms to buy and sell Bitcoin in Nigeria.

8 Best Exchange to Sell & Buy Bitcoin In Nigeria

Here is the complete list of the best exchanges to sell and buy Bitcoin in Nigeria with debit card or what have you at good rates.

  1. Luno
  2. Buycoin
  3. Paxful
  4. Truexgold
  5. Binance
  6. Blockvilla
  7. Roqqu
  8. Load.ng

Luno coin

Luno coin is one of the best exchange platforms to buy and sell cryptocurrency in Nigeria with ease.

For quite sometimes now I have been using the Luno platform for my cryptocurrency buying and selling.

And I must confess that their services are super fast and reliable.

Luno platform is well designed, easy to navigate, and 100% newbie-friendly.

So if you are in the search of a platform to sell or buy Bitcoin in Nigeria with a startup capital of N500, you can opt for Luno.

But then, the only downside about Luno is their Excess charges.

This is the one aspect Luno needs to look into.

Their charges are enormous thus making it a seldom used platform.

You get charged up to 2% for every bit of transaction you make and that’s not funny.

When using their platform I almost burst in tears because of their charges.


I love this buycoin Africa, they are the best alternative to Luno for buying and selling bitcoin in Nigeria.

Their customer support is topnotch and I have used them and am still using them up till today.

Their charges are super sweet, I mean very low and at times free depending on the transaction type, unlike Luno that want to kill someone with charges.

Meanwhile, there was a time I had a glitch with them, my account got restricted due to some misunderstanding and I had a few bucks inside.

It was so irritating though, and I contacted their support and filed my case.

Well, they followed me up nicely sorts out, fix and restored my account in due time with all my funds intact.

I give them 5 stars for excellent customer support.

Well, the only downside I can draw out when using buycoin Africa for buying and selling bitcoin is that they are not as fast as Luno.

So no emergency buying and selling, you have to exercise patience.


Paxful is a super secured platform to buy and sell Bitcoin in Nigeria. Their extra security and care got me loving their platform.

100% newbie-friendly, easy to navigate, and superb customer support.

Meanwhile, I have not used them to make any buying and selling bitcoin.

But from the talks I hear about them, I think they are Boss in what they do.

More especially their website UI/UX is topnotch and they got a lot of features.

Mostly for individuals that have the intermediate knowledge of cryptocurrency.


how to buy Bitcoin in Nigeria

Truexgold claims to be Nigeria no.1 cryptocurrency exchanger where you can instantly, buy, sell or exchange perfect money, bitcoin, payer, advanced cash, binary, ethereum, and other digital currencies.

They also claim to have the best exchange rate in the industry.

Sound interesting, but then I concur with their self-appraisal because their platform is well built and suited for such purpose.

Whatever features you find in Paxful, you are sure to find 2x more in truexgold.

Well suited for buying and selling of several digital currencies, has a Mobile Friendly and robust desktops website view.

If you are not a digital nerd, you will be needing a direction to use truexgold effectively.

And I guess that is why they decided to launch a N500,000 bloggers giveaway.

Where bloggers get to write and provide tutorials like.

  • How to buy and sell Bitcoin on Truexgold
  • How to buy and sell Ethereum on Truexgold
  • How to buy and sell perfect money on Truexgold
  • How to buy and sell Binary/DERIV on Truexgold.com

Well, that’s cool tho I didn’t partake, but the company is trying to provide information in bulk about how their platform operates.


Binance seems to be the best cryptocurrency trading platform for Nigerians.

Their charges are extremely low and they display enough charts that will benefit cryptocurrency traders.

So, if you are into daily trading of Bitcoins, then Binance is recommended because it is specially designed for that purpose.

Binance is not for newbies, highly for professionals and experts.

That is because their platform is not newbie-friendly, you need to be a pro or an expert to use Binance.

When my friend installed Binance app for the first time and had a glance on their live trading chat

He shouted Jesus Christ 🤓, so if you are not familiar with crypto trading just stay away from Binance and use other platforms listed here.

Meanwhile, it is not advisable to store your cryptocurrency on platforms like Binance.

It is not a blockchain, it is for trading and can get hacked at any time.


Blockvilla has claimed that they are the most trusted exchange in Nigeria to buy and sell bitcoin, ethereum, Litecoin, perfect money, and other digital currencies.

They are located at number 20, Mbonu St, D-Line 500272 Port Harcourt.

Also, just like Buycoin.Africa block villa has promised to launch its P2P escrow trading platform.

That means members of Blockvilla will be able to buy and sell cryptocurrency between themselves.


Another best exchange to buy and sell bitcoin in Nigeria for as low as N500 startup capital is roqqu.

Roqqu offers a newbie-friendly easy to navigate user interface.

That means a total newbie can scale through the process of selling Bitcoin or to buy Bitcoin in Nigeria.

They claim to offer the fastest and safest way to buy, sell, store, and accept cryptocurrencies.


Load.ng is not a cryptocurrency trading platform though.

But they offer the opportunity to sell bitcoins, and that why they made the listing here.

So, for those who are not knowledgeable about crypto trading and are into smart contracts businesses.

You can convert your bitcoin to naira on load.ng with ease.

It 100% newbie-friendly, and requires no technical knowledge.

All you need to do is

  • Register an account
  • Choose to sell bitcoin
  • Send your bitcoin and receive naira


In conclusion, no more questionings like:

  • Where to buy Bitcoin in Nigeria?
  • Where to sell Bitcoin in Nigeria or
  • How to withdraw Bitcoin to Nigeria Local Bank

From the list of the best exchange to buy Bitcoin in Nigeria, you can do the undo able with Bitcoins and other Altcoin.

So no need to try smuggle your way into foreign platforms to avoid had I known.

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