Buy CoinCeller – Best Fake Bitcoin Sender Software


Buy CoinCeller – Best Fake Bitcoin Sender Software

Instant Download immediately after order successful. Separate download links for PC and Mobile software

CoinCeller is One Best Fake Bitcoin Sender Anyone can use. The easiest Software to make money selling Fake Bitcoin Money Online.

What is CoinCeller and How Does It Work?

CoinCeller is a mobile and PC software which enables you to send Fake Bitcoins to anyone.. It works like Flash Funds but this is for Bitcoin money.
With CoinCeller, You can send Fake Bitcoin to anyone’s wallet and get it credited to their balance. Any fake Bitcoins sent through CoinCeller will be cleared from receivers balance after 72hrs.
Am sure you are still wondering how this can make you money.. Don’t worry I will show you the whole process.

→How to Make Money With CoinCeller

If You are regular Crypocurrency or Bitcoin dealer online then you must have heard of guys who sell fake Bitcoins. Most of this Guys use CoinCeller “Here’s how”.
You Get customers online who want to buy bitcoin, You send Bitcoin to them and demand other currencies as a mode of payment even given them discounts such as payoneer, PayPal, cash app, perfect money, Skrill etc
Now, they will Pay you using any of the above real currencies while you send them Bitcoin (fake). It will show in their balance and deal closed. Before the money disappear from their Wallet, you have already done your deeds.
Alternatively, there are many people who are willing to get paid through Bitcoins for what they sell. You can also purchase anything through Bitcoin sending them fake Bitcoin money.
I get Bitcoin Buyers through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Even if they want me to send first before making payment, I don’t hesitate because i have nothing to loss. But below is one thing you must know.

→CoinCeller Have 4 Daily Flash Limits

With CoinCeller, You can send any amount of Bitcoin to any wallet address but you can’t send more than 4 times daily.
Even if you send $1 each to four persons, Your limit for that day has passed. Same thing as sending as high as $100000 each to four persons daily. Am sure you understand what it means.
As soon as your daily limit is exceeded, you can’t send again until the next day. If you got more clients, then you will have to wait for the next day before sending again.

CoinCeller Allows You To send Fake Bitcoin of any amount to any Bitcoin address. This Bitcoin Show up in their Wallet but will later Clear after 48hrs.

Many Fake Bitcoin Sellers Make use of CoinCeller. This software is available for PC and Android Mobiles. You can order yours now

Buy CoinCeller Software

CoinCeller have both mobile and PC version. So even if you have only android mobile, you can comfortably use CoinCeller.
Price : $70
payment via BTC OR ETH

In order to get this software,kindly make the exact payment to the addresses below and forward details by text to the number  and email (+14252439208) and

3770 Zip Industrial Blvd, Atlanta, Georgia, 30354 US.

ETHERIUM WALLET :⇒ 0x3dC7D31e10CB6A55C4e78CeF5476248c2A4Ab0B7
BITCOIN WALLET:⇒36LTzbPh1NmpfRA6Lk16mxhd3brskm5Ui8

Send a mail to We respond within minutes.

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Disclaimer: The above is a sponsored ads from Coinceller group,USA. We are not related to conceller and anyone who intends purchasing the above software do such at their free will and convenience. No risk  , No rewards! Successful gurus are those with the power to take unimaginable risk. Signed!


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