Whether you are planning to get a new cat for your family, or you simply love learning about different feline breeds, their temperaments and personalities, there is one specific breed that you most certainly need to meet. It is called the Munchkin and it is definitely cute enough to melt your heart.

These short-legged creatures have reappeared during the 1980s in the USA, after their disappearance during the World War II. Today, they are bred only with cats that have large legs, due to health reasons, as the embryo has low survival chances if both of their parents are munchkins. Click this to learn more about this incredibly cute animal.

Now, if you are interested in learning more about this particular breed, then I say you should keep on reading, because I have decided to create a short, yet a comprehensive guide on the munchkin cats. This way, you will be able to not only understand whether you want to make this animal a part of your family, but also to get a better idea about how they should be taken care of. If, however, you aren’t planning on getting a new cat, then I advise you to still read on and learn about the munchkin, because you might just change your mind. So, let’s begin learning.


We are beginning with the most basic information regarding these animals. You are probably wondering how large they can be and the answer is – not that large. These are actually small to medium sized felines that can weigh up to nine pounds. Of course, females usually weigh less than males, but this doesn’t always need to be the case. Anyway, their overall size puts them in the category of felines with moderate body types.

Yet, there’s one thing about their appearance that makes them stand out and possibly makes them look smaller than they actually are. In case you couldn’t have guessed it, I am referring to their tiny legs that are responsible for their overall miniature appearance. So, if you prefer the tiny-looking, smaller cats, the munchkins are definitely right for you. There is no need for me to talk about their cuteness, since one look at a photograph of this breed will make tings perfectly clear.


The next thing you definitely need to learn about is the munchkin cat breed temperament and I’m sure you’ll be thrilled with it. These felines are not only cuddly, but also quite helpful and super-fast. One would think that they will grow out of this and that they are playful only while they are tiny kittens, but that is definitely wrong. Their playfulness and liveliness will follow them very well into their adulthood and, if we are judging by this, then we could say that the munchkin will remain a tiny kitten throughout its entire life.

Apart from being playful, these animals are also quite inquisitive and noisy. Don’t be surprised if you find these pets going through your drawers, looking for shiny objects that they can play with and possibly take to a spot in their home that they consider to be their own. Their noisy nature will also have them run around you quite a lot and follow you around anywhere you go, meaning that you will most likely have a companion even when you are in the bathroom.


People tend to assume that the munchkin breed is bound to have health issues due to the genetic mutations that led to those short legs. Yet, research shows that no diseases can be linked to their short legs, meaning that there is no reason for you to be concerned about it. So, you can rule out all the concerns regarding the genetic mutations. This, however, doesn’t mean that there are no other health issues that you should worry about.

After all, every single animal is subject to certain health conditions, and so is the munchkin. The problem that it might develop has to do with its hormones. Basically, they can experience a hormonal imbalance that could result in weight loss. Nevertheless, if you take good care of these cats, they will most likely stay completely healthy and happy throughout their entire lives. Basically, their health is your responsibility, so make sure to take good care of your pets.

Here’s everything you need to know about these felines: https://meowingcatz.com/things-you-didnt-know-about-munchkin-cats/

Relationship With Children

Munchkins are generally rather friendly and they will undoubtedly form a great relationship with any children in the family. Still, there is one particular thing that you should keep in mind. While they are definitely not aggressive, they tend not to be as careful as some other pets, meaning that you should avoid leaving them unsupervised with small children. They won’t harm anyone on purpose, but their playfulness could lead to certain unexpected accidents.

Relationship With Other Pets

Now, those accidents are certainly not something you should worry about when it comes to the munchkins mingling with your other pets, as animals know how to deal with their playfulness. Your munchkin cat will get along very well with most pets and they will especially enjoy the company of other cats, as well as dogs that are gentle and well-behaved. So, if you have other pets and you are thinking of getting a munchkin, you definitely don’t need to worry about them fighting and not being on good terms.

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