CBD Oil For Dogs

With a whirlwind of a year almost behind us (thankfully), you can now begin to focus on the future, making changes for the better, improvements, and overall greater well-being. And for us this is easier than most tasks, we can simply sign up at the new fitness center that just opened down the road, tweak our diets by cleaning out the fridge and junk food, and read more with less screen time.

But when it comes to our pets too many pet owners consider the time for a change and simply carry on with the same old boring meals, routines, and schedule when they too deserve to shake things up.

Perhaps trying out a new park to play at, going for walks up the mountain, or at least a new route, you will see and learn new things as well as them, and most importantly relook at their nutrition and food sources.

Relook, refocus.

Take a day or two to sit down and think about what products you have been buying for your pet, have they changed packaging meaning they are cutting costs or trying to save money here and there, and does this impact the food itself.

Are the brands you use still highly recommended or are they just ok, are there newer brands on the shelves that you have noticed but never thought to consider as an alternative to your pups’ menu plan. These elements can help make a positive change and effect in your pet, in both their physical and mental states.

Companies are looking at healthier food ingredients, products that are grown and made naturally without the unnecessary harmful preservatives and chemicals we ideally don’t want our pet consuming, am I right? Think about organic, how can you implement it into your dog’s diet, more wholesome, homegrown plants and vegetables. We have the answer you have been waiting for.

The increasingly popular CBD for dogs has been used as an alternative to the traditional over-the-counter prescriptions to treat health issues or even boost the immune system. Its positives on the body include increased flexibility in the muscles and joints, a significant decrease in inflammation and pain, and improve your fur babies’ mood and morale. These factors alone (besides the long list of others that CBD has to offer) are enough to make you want to change the way your pup eats or at the very least consider and look into it.

Cannabidiol is one of the few plants that have such extraordinary results, without the use of man-made chemicals. The fact that it has been used in countries around the world treating patients and animals alike for all sorts of ailments successfully, only goes to show that Mother Nature truly has our best interests in mind.

Is CBD right for your dog?

The fact that Cannabidiol (the more technical name of CBD, read about it here https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/23/sunday-review/coronavirus-cbd-oil.html) is a plant that flourishes naturally is a testimony that it works. Too often scientists and botanists try to manipulate or alter the way the natural order of things works when they work best in their original state and surroundings.

CBD is extracted using various methods and turned into a multitude of products making it highly versatile and the perfect complement to your dog’s existing menu. Stir CBD oil into their dinner before serving, soak it into their snack treats before heading off to the park for a run around session and give to them throughout the day, or simply add the recommended dosage straight into their mouths for quick and easy absorption – followed by a treat will ensure that it is fully digested.

It may seem like a humble plant, and this is what makes it even greater, but it has so much to offer your pet in terms of health and wellness.

Treating stiff joints may not have been something you would have considered or thought about as your pet gets older but rather leaving them to age in their natural process, however, don’t they deserve to live out their golden years as pain-free as possible? Aching muscles and joints can become inflamed and with that incredible pain which they cannot communicate to us without whimpering or a visible limp, CBD can target these areas and significantly reduce the swelling.

Many dogs suffer from epilepsy, and it is more common than we realize but more heartbreaking to witness if they have a seizure or more during their days. This is essentially due to the overloading of pulses being sent to and from the neuro system in the brain causing somewhat of an explosion of messages and triggering the convulsions.

CBD can help to regulate the internal workings of the body, manage and maintain the way the messages are being transferred, and significantly reduce the frequency of seizures if not eliminate them.

Your pet will be much better from a daily dose of Cannabidiol and you will have peace of mind that you are doing everything in your ability to prevent this horrible disease from flaring up. You can also click here to read an interesting study that was conducted and the results concluded from it regarding the positive effects of CBD for dogs.

A final comment.

Nature has long helped and aided us in health issues and ailments, from physical to mental, all for the greater good. And if CBD and its continuous positive discoveries do the same then what have you got to lose?


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