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To adhere to best practice that governs the web (which we are part of) and Google webmaster guidelines, in over the next few weeks we will be making some major changes to our website. Google earlier this month made it compulsory for all websites, both great and small, informational and non-informational, to migrate their website structure from HTTP to HTTPS before July 2018. To better make the web a safer place, Google is mandating all website owners move their site from the non-secure HTTP to the secure HTTPS before the aforementioned time, we plan on making the move over the next few weeks.

The changes we’ll be making will in no way affect how our visitors access or use our website. All contents will still be accessible during the period and we plan to keep you up-to-date too. However, since this require us to manually make changes to each published posts made in the past years, most of our articles, including images and links will be updated to make fit for the change. All URLs, both incoming and outgoing need to be switched over to HTTPS; considering the web platform we use, we can only do it manually and it will take some time.

During these period you may noticed old posts or outdated posts showing up on our homepage instead of the newly published posts. This is due to the update and nothing else, we apologize for any inconveniences this may cause. Also, our followers on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ may also see old posts tweeted or posted on these social platforms, do bear with us.

Today, we flipped the switch from HTTP to HTTPS. CCN World Tech can now be accessed via https://https://https:// Incase you have us bookmarked somewhere with the old address, don’t worry, you’ll still be able to access the website 🙂

We’ll try to maximize all efforts in making sure our visitors are not affected during those periods, that we promised.

Love you all!

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