Chymall works as an online investment platform that claims to reward you with 5% of your invested fund every 10 days. Alternatively, this pattern of investment indicates that in a two-month period, you’ll have recovered 45% of your investment.

By careful observation of this investment pattern, you’ll realize that Chymall doesn’t seem to guarantee you any profit. Instead, it guarantees you the recovery of your capital (invested fund), only after 6 months and 20 days of investment.

Despite noting that you can hardly earn from Chymall through your invested fund, you might want to remain on the platform. This could be in order to recover your capital or utilize the platform’s referral option for making profit.

Basically, generating referrals is practically the only way you can make profit (or recover your invested capital) on Chymall in less than 6 months. This implies that if you don’t recruit new members for Chymall, you’ll have an unlikely chance of making profit, not to mention recovering your invested fund.

The Website of Chymall

Chymall is associated with a handful of pitfalls and one of these (pitfalls) is its “terrible” website. According to some users, the website is not user-oriented as it is not well suited for their smartphone screens while perusing the website. Some of the abysmal highlights of the Chymall website range from a poorly built FAQ page down to a substandard (website) layout and a number of deceptive features.

Moreover, the website has been condemned for failing to support any verified online payment mode. Frankly, the website’s disorderly organization makes it a sort of unprofessional development which, in turn, buttresses the conviction that Chymall is a fraudulent investment scheme.

Why Chymall Is a Scam

There are a number of valid reasons for substantiating that Chymall is far from being a legit online investment platform. Below are the observable reasons why Chymall has been labeled a scam:

Forbes Doesn’t Recognize Chymall’s Billionaire CEO –Chymall describes its CEO as a Chinese billionaire but unfortunately, the globally acclaimed Forbes does not recognize him whatsoever. Besides not featuring on Forbes, the purported Chymall CEO barely maintains a Wikipedia profile which could have been an authentic source of information about him.

The Chymall Website Is Terribly Unprofessional –Observably, the website of Chymall is one of the major blemishes of Chymall. Not only was the website poorly developed but also, it lacks a verified mode of online payment. More disappointingly, Chymall is devoid of a policy page, hence further lending credence to the widespread belief that it is a scam.

Chymall Operates Quite Similarly to Pyramid Schemes –Chymall claims to sell a varying number of products including pendent and perfume, probably in order not to seem like a pyramid scheme. But in utmost reality, Chymall is quite similar to pyramid schemes in that you can only earn Chymall’s bonuses through referrals. While this is a clear red flag (for you to steer clear of Chymall), it’s also an indication that you’ll hardly recover your invested capital on Chymall if you don’t refer people to the platform.


Hopefully, this review article has opened your eyes to why you should avoid Chymall at all costs. While it may not seem very crystal to you at first, Chymall is nevertheless another scam investment platform quite similar to pyramid schemes.

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