How To Make Complaint On JAMB And Get Immediate Reply: Here is a detailed guide on how to lo a complaint on JAMB and get a quick and correct response immediately.

Most candidates have so many issues with JAMB but anytime they tried to contact JAMB, they don’t seem to make any progress.

So this leads us to ways we can lay down our complaints and gets a reply from the JAMB website.

The main reason why people seems not to get any information is that they are doing it wrongly.

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We know they need answers on this because this is what they normally need answers to amongst others. Follow the steps below to log any complaint on JAMB:


make complaint on JAMB

  1. Ensure you go to
  2. Endeavour to click on “Create Support Ticket”
  3. The website will ask you if you are their candidates or you want to make a complaint on behalf of someone close to you, ensure you answer them.
  4. The next step is to fill the form that will be shown to you, after filling the form, ensure you input a correct email address you have access to, not only that, ensure you take note of your transaction Id.
  5. Write it somewhere else so you won’t forget.
  6. A reply will be sent to you via the email address you provided, that is why we said you must ensure you give a good email address you have access to.
  7. Applicants can also know if Jamb Has answered them via
  8. You can also send a tweet to them on their official Twitter account, candidates do get answers to their complaint there or send a mail to

With the above-listed steps, you will get a reply to any complaint you tender for JAMB. We hope this article was helpful, kindly let us know if you are still not getting a reply even after logging your complaint. Thank you for reading.


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