If you’ve reached the spending limit on your credit cards and your debt is becoming more profound, chances are good you’re feeling overcome as you read this. You’re probably asking yourself daily: How are you ever going to pay off the debt, and maybe even worrying yourself sick about it.

Now, imagine hearing about a company that promises to reduce, or even erase, your debt — and for pennies on the dollar.

Thankfully, there’s are credit relief and card debt settlement programs out there that understand what you’re going through and are there to help. Settling credit card debt is a core specialty at www.freedomdebtrelief.com and several other similar companies.

How does it work?

Once you’ve established your total credit card debt amount, chat with a certified debt-relief consultant who’ll structure a no-obligation solution that’s right for you at no charge. Then, if you’re happy, enroll in the credit card debt relief program.

Your credit relief consultant will then negotiate with your creditors to get the best settlement deal for less than what you’re currently paying. Next, you’ll start building up an FDIC-insured savings account with monthly installments. Once you’ve saved enough, the debt-relief consultant will attempt to settle your credit card account, saving you time and money.

As a bonus, you have access to an online Client Dashboard, making it easy to stay updated on your debt relief program status. This visual goal will help you stay on track and see your progress. T

What else can you do to reduce your overall debt before and during this process?

Consider the following steps:

Pay off other debts first.

Consider paying off all other debts before you consolidate. In this case, where possible, look at your expenses and savings and consider paying other creditors. For example, money borrowed from friends or family, store department clothing accounts and bar tabs. Do you perhaps have other credit cards with smaller amounts owing less than $1,000, something you could afford to settle straight away? Again, it’s an excellent place to start, fixing this and all frivolous debt first where possible.

Re-evaluate your lifestyle and expenses.

Do you need that expensive large cup of designer brand coffee every day? Likewise, do you need a subscription to half a dozen streaming networks or a membership to a gym you hardly ever visit? Similarly, do you live in a walk-friendly neighborhood? If so, consider walking to the shops, restaurants, or even the office if it’s possible? Therefore, do you really need to pay delivery fees or for an Uber when a short walk will achieve the desired result?

By designing a spreadsheet and taking a fine-tooth comb through your money expenditures, you’ll be able to see what services and goods from your typical spending habits you can drop. You may even see ways to save more, put towards holidays and your credit card debt relief program account as a bonus.

Set Goals and Lock Away Your Credit Cards

Human beings are visual creatures, and we typically respond well to goals, primarily when written and displayed where we can frequently see them. It needn’t be fancy, something as simple as a Sticky note on your desk or a reminder on the fridge calendar. For example, it can read: Pay $1000 towards credit card debt this month. Alternatively: Pay off all credit card debt by the end of the year.

Finally, to help you achieve this, take your credit cards out and lock them away, and only use them for emergencies. Credit card companies are wise to this practice, however, and often encourage loyalty rewards or merchant discounts by using your credit card. Try to find workarounds, if possible, otherwise resort to cash and debit cards as your payment methods, therefore reducing your reliance on your credit card.

In conclusion, the need for credit relief and credit card debt settlement shouldn’t be a cause of stress in your life. By following the above steps, in conjunction with the assistance of a credit card relief program, you can be on your way to a debt-free existence.

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