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Culture And Beliefs: Funny Beliefs And Traditions Of The Yoruba Tribe


Yoruba is one of the three major tribes in Nigeria. This ethnic group has a rich cultural belief and traditions that some people may refer to as hilarious and very superstitious.

Here are some hilarious beliefs of the Yoruba ethnic group

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1. Pregnant women must attach a safety pin to their clothes

Yorubas believe that it is wrong for a pregnant woman not to attach safety pins to her clothes. That way, she is merely inviting spirits to possess her unborn child. The safety pin (like the name goes), sort of protects the fetus and keep it safe from the spirit roaming about.

2. It is wrong to play with an umbrella when it isn’t raining
A person who plays with an umbrella when it isn’t raining is only inviting a non-stop rain on his/her wedding day.

3. Do not whistle at night
When you whistle at night, you’re simply calling on snakes and other reptiles into the house.

4. Egret gives white fingers
If you want white fingers, all you need to do is sing a song calling on egrets (leke leke) to give you white fingers.

5. A pregnant woman shouldn’t walk under the sun
As believed by the Yorubas, when a pregnant woman walks under the sun (especially around 1 pm), she’ll give birth to a disfigured child. So, pregnant women are advised to stay away from the sun.

6. Don’t beat a male child with a broom
According to the Yoruba beliefs, beating a male child with a broom will make him impotent

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7. It’s bad to drink coconut water
Well, they believe drinking coconut water will make the child very dull.

8. Do not look at a mirror at night
The Yorubas believe that looking at the mirror at night, there is a tendency you will see ghosts.

9. A piece of thread can magically stop hiccups
This is specifically for infants. When an infant is experiencing hiccups, just put a piece of thread on the child’s head to stop the hiccups.

10. Do not cross over a person and vice versa
The Yorubas believe that anyone that crosses over you and doesn’t cross back, your offspring will look like that person

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