Josef.T. country manager, Scouting team Sweden, sent me a list of football clubs looking for players at the moment. When I saw it on my LinkedIn message box, I quickly checked it out and found it was real. So I decided to share it on this blog.

 If you are a footballer in Africa, this could be the opportunity you have been waiting for to sign for a team in Europe – you know what that means. It’s better to play for a team in Warsaw Poland than to play in Bangkok Thailand. If you play in Europe, it’s easier to get noticed by some of the top flight clubs like Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Juventus or Chelsea. You’ll not be lost playing in the hinterland.

Josef will be introducing players with the right Scouting Report to any of the clubs on the list. So you can quickly check out the list to see if you meet the requirements and possibly apply immediately. Click below to view the list.

The opportunity is open in France, Poland, Russian Federation, Greece and Ukraine. There’s even one opportunity in Egypt, here in Africa.

Scouting team will require your Profile and Video Clips to make up your Scouting Report. Some clubs specified only players that have EU Passport can apply, while others didn’t specify preference to any nationality.

Disclosure Statement:

Our company, GreenHunters Sports International doesn’t have a hand on this one. We won’t benefit in anyway, unless, of course, a player require our assistance, which may attract service fee. Otherwise, you can deal directly with Josef.

Beware, this isn’t a sponsored post, Scouting team didn’t pay us a dime for this publication. It isn’t about them, it’s about you. We are determined to help talented players in Africa kick start a professional football career in a good club abroad. So we publish opportunities like this for your assessment and action.

Ccnworldtech Candid Advice:

I like the Boys Scout motto: “Be Alert and be prepared always.” Many more opportunities for footballers and fans would be published on this blog. But the issue is this, are you prepared to take opportunities as they come your way through this blog?

It’ll be a wasted effort on our part, if you can’t take the opportunities to better your life and that of your family. This is the reason we advice thousands of footballers that call and send us email to first read the eBook titled: “How to Achieve Your Football Dreams.” Reading the book, you will find relevant information that can help you prepare and get ready for any opportunity that shows up. As it is rightly said: “When Preparation meet opportunity, the result will likely lead to success.”

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