Top countries with the most powerful passports 2020


The Henley Passport Index releases its ranking of passports of all countries of the planet per annum. The passports are ranked as per the number of nations that the passport holder can enter without applying for a visa first.

The 2020 rankings of the Henley Passport Index have been released and All three top spots are taken by countries from Asia.

Japan, takes the highest spot for the foremost powerful passport within the world for 2020. Japan has managed to require the highest spot for the third consecutive year. Japanese passport holders can access 191 destinations across the planet without a visa.

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Singapore takes the second spot for the foremost powerful passport within the world in 2020. The Singaporean passport gives you visa-free access to 190 countries within the world.

South Korea and Germany share the third spot. Passports of both these countries have visa-free access to 189 destinations of the planet.

Italy and Finland are tied at the fourth spot with visa-free access to 188 countries of the planet.

On the fifth spot are Spain, Denmark, and Luxembourg with visa-free access to 187 destinations of the planet.

France and Sweden share the sixth spot. The French and Swedish passports have access to 186 countries of the planet without a visa.

On the seventh spot, we have Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, and Portugal. Passports of those countries have visa-free access to 185 countries of the planet.

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The eighth spot is being shared by the US, the UK, Norway, Greece, and Belgium. The respective passports of those countries have access to 184 destinations within the world.

The ninth spot jointly goes to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Malta, and therefore the Czech Republic. Passport holders of those countries can access 183 countries worldwide without a visa.

On the tenth spot, we have Hungary, Lithuania, and Slovakia with access to 181 nations without a visa. Incredible isn’t it?

The least powerful passport within the world is that of Afghanistan. The Afghani passport gives visa-free access to only 26 countries of the planet.

So there we have it guys! Did you learn from the information given to you? Which passport would you like to have? Let us know in the comments! We would love to see what you have to say! And if you did not know about this, you are welcome to ask more questions! We remain your number one blog for everything travels and lots more!

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