Documents You will Need To Apply For A Russian Visa


Russia is a popular tourist destination due to its beauty, marvelous monuments, and an out-sized array of activities for tourists. it’s also a destination for people involved in the business.

What is Russian Tourist, Visit or Business visa?

If you would like to visit Russia as a tourist, you’ll need a Russian tourist visa. This visa will allow you to enter Russia and enable you to remain in Russia for up to 30 days undisturbed. you can apply for this visa if you would like to travel on holiday, get medical attention, or attend brief ceremonies. The Russian tourist visa may allow either single or double entries into Russia.

Private Visit visas are ideal if you’re visiting a loved one or friend who lives in Russia. a personal visit visa will allow you to enter the Federation of Russia and remain there for up to 90 days.

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If you would like to travel to Russia to conduct business or for work, you ought to apply for a Business visa. this will be one or double-entry bookkeeping visas and it allows you to reside in Russia for 30 days.

Russian Tourist, Visit or Business Visa Requirements for Nigerian Citizens.

Before you apply for a Russian tourist, visit or business visa in Nigeria, you will need some essential documents. Without the documents listed below, you’ll be unable to start the visa application process.

1. A legitimate international passport

Your passport should have a minimum of two unused pages and a validity period that lasts up to six months after your visa’s expiry date.

2. A form

Fill the visa form as directed, print the filled form, check-in the allotted space.

3. Two (2) recent passport photographs with white background

Passport photos of adults should be taken at the most 6 months before they can apply for a Russian visa. If you’re applying for a child’s visa, the image used on the application form should be taken less than a month before use.

4. Invitation

Regardless of if you’re applying for Russia tourist, visit or business visa in Nigeria, you’ll need a call for participation letter. Your host will have to apply for a politician invitation letter.

Business visa: you need to have a letter from your business partner, work, event organizers, or General Directorate for Migration of the Ministry of Interior of Russia.

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Tourist visa: you need to have a letter from the tour organizers or tourism agency.

Private visit: Applying for a personal visit visa requires that you simply have a letter of invitation from the person who you’re visiting.

5. Letter from employer

You will get to get a letter from your current employer. This is proof that you shall return to Nigeria at the expiration of your Russian visa.

6. A recently acquired statement.

This account should show that you are capable of providing for yourself while you’re in Russia for tourism, business, or a personal visit.

7. A HIV/AIDS certificate that’s less than 3 months old.

This is a necessary requirement.

8. Receipt showing that you have purchased the services of a guide or a tourism agency.

9. When applying for a visa for somebody under 18, you’ll need to include their certificate and a photocopy of their parent’s international passport.

10. covering letter

A letter stating your purpose in Russia and your contact information while you’re in Russia.

11. Flight reservation

This is a reservation showing your dates of entry and exit from Russia. It shows your PNR the name of the airline.

12.  Hotel reservation

This is vital for your application if you are staying on your own in Russia. Your hotel reservation document must be verifiable. the reservation should remain valid during the appliance period.

13. Travel medical insurance

You must submit a symbol of valid/acceptable travel medical insurance when applying for a Russian tourist, visit, or business visa in Nigeria. The policy must cover the whole duration of your trip.

14. Documents showing social ties

These documents include the marriage certificate and certificate of your child.

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15. Other documents

You can present other documents to point out that you have ties to Nigeria. Like your landed property documents, admission letter (if you’re enrolled for a course in Nigeria), and investment certificate among others.

Now that we have told you what you need, start gathering your documents! See you next post.



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