Dog Treats: A Healthy Way To Spoil Your Furry Pal

Our dogs have been one of our primary sources of comfort and happiness (read more) these past few years, remarkably when we are advised to stay at home. They have provided us companionship and a sense of purpose. Hence, as much as we possibly can, we want to spoil them, particularly with their favorite treats and tasty food!

Whether you want to incorporate rewards into their training, use them for positive reinforcement, or simply because your dog has been in good behavior, dog chews are a great way to reward them for making them happy by giving them something that they can look forward to every time.

Entertainment aside, did you know that dog treats are also beneficial (or bad) for their health too? Instead of simply grabbing the first bag of kibbles you come across, you might want to consider the types of bits you’re giving your canine companion — as well as the number of chews you’re giving them — before you do so. Kicking your dog with the right treats can have real-life benefits that may assist your dog in achieving good health.

What Are Dog Treats?

Treats are fun, tasty biscuits that can be given to your dogs for reward or just by simply indulging in having a bond with them. Many dog chews have a variety of health benefits, ranging from providing a nutritional boost to improving dental care and serving as a part of a dog’s diet.

But to spoil your pup in a good way, it is good to find the best kibbles that will suit their preferences. When giving treats, don’t forget about the general rule that they should not account for more than 10% of your dog’s total diet.

There are many dog biscuits available, each with its own unique flavor, mouthfeel, and purpose. However, when it comes to organic, all-natural treats packed with beneficial ingredients, there is no way to go haywire! You can easily use these snacks to make training easier and playtime bonds more enjoyable with your furry pal.

Dogs are food-motivated and react well to positive reinforcements, especially with these guilt-free mouthwatering kibbles. Also, your dog’s good behavior can be rewarded with a high-value treat (often soft and strongly scented). The use of treats to reinforce good behavior will allow your dog to learn more quickly.

Disclaimer: Do not substitute dog treats as a main course of a meal for your dog.


Crunchy treats come in a wide assortment of sizes, shapes, and flavors in the form of biscuits, fitness bars, cookies, kibbles, etc. Generally, they have a lower moisture content than other treats. Hence, they are harder to chew and break.

Soft And Chewy

Soft and chewy goodies also come in a range of flavors, sizes, and shapes. Unlike crunchy, they are easy to snack on as they are often made in small sizes. They are easy to carry, so these treats are best for training sessions. Additionally, dogs tend to love chewy snacks more and are generally healthy.

Some chewy biscuits are also designed to improve the dental health of your dog. These may reduce their bad breath and tartar and aim to strengthen their gums, too. As a result, it can keep your dog’s teeth and gums healthy in the long run. Dental chews, typically, are consumed five times a week or every day.

Freeze Dried

Freeze-dried or jerky taste and resemble human food that makes it appetizing for our pups. Freeze-dried bits are often 100% protein, and they frequently come in the form of poultry, liver, seafood, chicken, and beef. Some are made from sweet potatoes, fruits, and vegetables to dehydrate yourself in your oven.

When purchasing, always check it from a reputable source. Be mindful of the preservatives that may harm your dog.

CBD Treats

Treats containing cannabidiol (CBD) are wonderful bits that can help your dog with physical discomfort and mental problems with its health properties. From crunchy treats to crunchy biscuits, several CBD dog treats are available that are designed to promote a healthier life for your canine friend.

They can be beneficial for your furry pal’s sleep, appetite, memory, immunity, and a variety of other health issues, promoting overall wellness and balance in your furry pal’s health.

Human Food

Many human snacks may be tasty to share with your furry pal, but they are often high in calories. However, dogs are just too irresistible not to share human food with them. Fortunately, there are several foods your furry pal can consume as an occasional snack (link:

  • Bananas
  • Berries
  • Carrots
  • Melon
  • Peanut butter
  • Cooked eggs
  • Salmon
  • Plain popcorn
  • Fresh pineapple


Sometimes, it can be challenging to find the highest quality dog treat in the market. If your dog suffers from food allergies or sensitivities, making homemade treats can be a good alternative.

For an ice-cream substitute, frozen broth cubes with a treat inside blended frozen yogurt and frozen chunks of fruits can be given to your pup on a hot day. As mentioned, you can also dehydrate vegetables and jerky kibbles to ensure consistency and quality. Or you can bake homemade biscuits and snacks, but just keep an eye on the ingredients, size, and calorie count.

Reading The Label

When purchasing, keep in mind that the fewer the ingredient list is, the better. Also, it should be specifically formulated for dogs, so it won’t upset their stomach. And as much as possible, always see for the added nutrients and benefits.

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