Do’s and Don’ts For Your First Date


We all lead a highly stressful life. Today, it has become harder than ever to find your ideal mate. However, a little guidance can sure make things work in your favour. To help you make the most informed life decision, we have come up with a list of do’s and don’ts when you are venturing into the world of dating. 

1.Do – Be on Time Always

See, every minute that you turn up late for your date, your date has multiple thoughts crossing their head. There is a fear of being stood up, and the awkwardness of sitting there alone in the restaurant, all by themselves, is one of the worst feelings, says Angie, who provides assignment help service with TFTH

The problem arises because while you are on a date, there is always a weird dilemma of whether you should order or wait for your date a little longer. 

2.Don’t – Boast about yourself

This is incredibly off-putting. If it is your first date, you should ask questions, and answer their questions, and not go on and on about your achievements and how great you are as a person. Your date is here because they want to engage in a conversation with you. They want to be heard and respected. If you guys go ahead, you will have enough time to talk about your achievements.

Also, please do not interrupt; let them speak, and then begin speaking when they stop.  

3.Do – Be interested

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 When you are on a first date, there is a lot that you can explore and know about each other, says Jessie, who works with EduWorldUSA. Of the things that your date shares with you, some things will be interesting, while others may not appeal to you.

Regardless of it, act like you are interested. If they are trying to tell you about things related to their life, it is undoubtedly essential to them. So, show some interest.  

4.Don’t – Constantly browse your phone

When you keep checking your phone, you not only disrespect the conversation, but it also shows an apparent lack of interest from your end. While on a date, if you frequently check your phone, it makes them feel that your phone is more important than them for you.

5.Do – Pay more attention

 Of course, we all love the sound of our own voice, but you are there to get to know the other person when you are out on a date. Also, since the relationship is still in a raw stage, you need to be more attentive and absorb whatever is being said.

So, speak little, and show more interest by being more attentive. 

6. Don’t – Be underdresses

When you go on a date, being overdressed is much better than being under-dressed, says Anaida, who provide finance assignment help service with TopAssignmentExperts. Dressing up will make your date appreciate the effort that you put in to meet them.

However, if you just wake up and put on your everyday t-shirt, they will know. It will show your lack of interest, and they will think that you were forced to be with them at that moment. 

7.Do – Ask more questions

Asking more questions is a means to show them that you are interested in knowing more. The only way you can do this is if you listen properly. You can form the questions to ask from the things they say. This will keep the situation more fun, cordial, warm, and light. 

8. Don’t – Try to be perfect

None of us is perfect, and your partner on a date is not here to look for Mr. or Mrs. Perfect. Show them the real raw self, and they will appreciate it more. Please know that you can only build a relationship if you put forth your true self and not a made-up perfectionist.

Believe us when we say this, it is your imperfection, which will make you perfect and more attractive. 

9.Do – Make eye contact

Eye contact is one of the best ways to assess honesty in another person. The more you look at them while speaking, the easier it is for them to trust you, says Natasha, head of online precalculus tutors with FineGrades.

Please know that you do not have to continually keep staring at them, but focus on what they are saying and make adequate eye contact when it is your time to talk. 

10. Don’t – Keep blabbering about your past relationship

Of course, there will be a conversation about your past relationships. They may ask you when your last relationship was only to ensure that you are not there on a date to look for a rebound.

However, do not stretch the subject. Nobody wants to know about what you did, and how much you loved your ex, or where things went wrong.

If you ever get stranded on a date where the other person keeps talking about their ex, we suggest you get up and leave immediately.


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