Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 4 is an iconic action-packed game following the story of Niko Bellic, a Serbian war veteran. A complex storyline shows us the different sides of Niko and his development through the game.

GTA 4 was highly enjoyed by youngsters owing to its superb graphics and interesting plot that kept everyone hooked to their screens. Rockstar Games initially released it on PlayStation and Xbox 360 consoles in April 2008.

The original game could be played in single-player mode and multiplayer mode. In the single-player mode, players control Niko Bellic. On the other hand, the online multiplayer mode allowed even 32 players to play together.

These 32 players can roam freely across the map of fictional Liberty City (based on New York City) and engage in death matches and street races.

They can choose to play in the cooperative or competitive mode and the unranked or ranked mode. However, despite the immense popularity of the game, the developer company named Rockstar Games only made a PC version of GTA 4.

This is why modders had to take matters into their own hands and release the Android version of the game.


If you are looking for an official version of the GTA 4 for Android on the Play Store, you will not find it. But fret not, because now all you need is a phone running on Android 4.0 or up to download the APK Obb data file easily and without any additional hassle.

Other websites have GTA 4 Apk Obb Data File For Android links that are old and are not supported anymore. We will provide you with the download link to the GTA 4 latest APK that will help you relive the magic of this game again, all from the comfort of your mobile phone.

GTA 4 Android APK OBB Data File Requirements

The APK file of Grand Theft Auto 4 itself occupies only 7 MB of space but to play the game, you will also need a OBB Data Zip file that takes up around 430 MB of space.

  • The game will not work on old Android phones. You should ideally have a phone with Android 4.0 or Android 6.0 and above to install the file.
  • A larger screen size will help you navigate your character through the game and appreciate the graphics.
  • This is why you should have a phone screen size of at least 5 inches in order to play GTA 4.
  • The APK Obb Data file is quite large, so a minimum of 2 GB RAM is recommended along with 1 GB of storage space.
  • Users should have a quad core CPU so that the game doesn’t lag and loads efficiently.

How To Install and Download The GTA 4 Apk Obb Data File For Android

After getting to know that a latest APK version of GTA 4 is available, you must be looking for an easy method to help you download the file. Follow the steps given below to easily play GTA 4 on your Android phone.

Download GTA 4 APK File

  • Use the above link to download GTA 5 APK and OBB files.
  • You can now install the APK from the ‘Downloads’ section of your File Manager.
  • In case any security permissions are required during installation, go to Settings and allow downloads from ‘Unknown Sources’.

  • Now, instead of opening the APK, you should proceed onto downloading the OBB file.
  • Install the ZArchiever app and find the download folder where the APK and .zip files have been saved.
  • Extract the GTA 4 OBB data file that is available in .zip format.
  • After the extraction process has been completed, a new folder containing the OBB data file will be formed.
  • Copy all the contents of this folder move it to your SD card.
  • Now, you can launch the game you had downloaded earlier and enjoy playing GTA 4 from your Android device.

Final Words

More than 8 million enthusiastic users have already downloaded the GTA 4 Apk Obb Data File For Android and are enjoying playing this thrilling game.

However, to make the GTA 4 more compatible for mobile phones, several less important graphical embellishments have been done away with. If you are an avid GTA 4 player, you might notice some differences in lighting and effects but the game is still as worth playing as it was all those years ago.

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