Earthlink Internet Review 2020- EarthLink’s unlimited data can’t balance out its high prices, contract, and confusing availability terms.

EarthLink is an internet service provider founded in 1994 by Sky Dayton and Reed Slatkin with its headquarters located in Atlanta, Georgia. The company provides internet services, premium email, web hosting and privacy, and data security as its product and services.

EarthLink has over one hundred employees including Glenn Goad as CEO and Mike Toplisek as current president. EarthLink is popularly known for its DSL internet service as U.S first internet provider to offer homes and businesses internet services for a flat and very considerable rate. EarthLink’s Hyperlink internet service is available in 21 states in the U.S and planning to expand its network and also increase its coverage in a short time coming.

As per customer services, EarthLink offers a live chat support option for its customers and an FAQ page that is very helpful. This company offers affordable high speed internet with no data cap, provides fiber-optic technology that helps customers to feel confident. This internet provider has over one million customers in the U.S.

Earthlink has since November 2016 started to promote two service groups which includes Residential solutions and business solutions. The company runs a network of about 29,421 route miles of fiber, eight data centers and 90 metro fiber rings. This company is said to have over a million customers.

2020 EarthLink Internet Reviews — Earthlink Plans & Pricing

This company was recently awarded the fastest internet providers and most affordable fiber internet in the U.S.

EarthLink has key partner relationships with other internet providers in the United State which enables the company to make products and connectivity services available to millions of households. The company offers the following services

  • Internet access
  • Premium email
  • Web hosting and privacy
  • Data security products and services
  • Cable internet
  • 4g internet
  • Spam blocker
  • Antivirus
  • Dial up internet
  • Online backup and many more.

Earthlink packages

Earthlink Dial Up

This package is an excellent choice for customers who are budget conscious. This package is best for shopping, banking, checking mail and everyday browsing. Earthlink also offers or provides phone numbers that covers the whole country and allows customers to enjoy and access internet anywhere at a low fee for a plan.

With EarthLink, there are no caps on data and customers can have access to up to eight emails.

Earthlink DSL

DSL which stands for digital subscriber line is a kind of internet connection that can be transmitted through a telephone network with such speed that is faster than dial up connections. Earthlink DSL plan is not expensive and it is a very good choice for light users who simply want to stream and use other devices.

Earthlink hyperlink

Earthlink has a high speed fiber optic service at an affordable price per month. Earthlink is very affordable compared to other providers

Earthlink satellite internet

Earthlink satellite option is a top choice for remote and rural communities. This package offers a speed of about 25 Mbps, this might depend on your location and the atmospheric condition of your location.

Pros of EarthLink

  • Speed up to 1000 mbps (1 gig): EarthLink recently upgraded hyperlink internet that typically allows users to steam, browse and game till their hearts content without worrying or stressing about speed throttling or average charges.
  • Protection center: EarthLink protection center is free to all its subscribers. The company gives such protection as virus scanning, email protection, antispyware, a firewall and IM/chat protection.
  • Offers Norton 360 Online: EarthLink offers Norton 360 at a very low and affordable monthly fee with internet protection as well as identity protection.
  • Provides cable and DSL connections in many areas
  • Offers low-priced dial-up services: This internet service provider offers customers a wonderful customer’s support system including virus protection, an accelerator numerous active email addresses, 24/7 customer support, and a personal home page.
  • Offers Backup services: EarthLink offers backup files for a very low monthly fee. Its home network service also helps users to distribute or share internet to up to four computer devices as well as printers.
  • Earthlink premium email: Earthlink email services can allow users to communicate easily with up to eight email addresses and automatic virus and spam protection.
  • No data caps
  • Allows customers to make the choice of DSL or fiber internet plan
  • Largest DSl providers in the U,S

Cons of EarthLink

  • Earthlink has no bundling with TV or telephone service
  • Has no contract less option for customers and users
  • Earthlink does not have top speed available in all of its service area
  • Hidden fees
  • Poor customer service
  • Low download speed.


Earthlink is a great and wonderful choice for dial up and light use internet but always remember that there are other high speed broadband internet option that are also available. Even though EarthLink comes at very affordable prices, yet its customer service can be poor sometimes and the company may have some hidden fees.

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