Beauty Hack: Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Makeup Stains From Your Clothes


Makeup stains are inevitable. It happens regardless of how neat you think you may be.

When these makeup stains happen on your dress, you begin to wonder how to take them off without making it spread and worse than it is.

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Well here are some tricks and remedies you can use to get rid of makeup stains.


Hairspray can actually go a long way to help clear that stain got from your makeup. To use this remedy, simply apply the hairspray that has alcohol to the stain and allow it dry. After it dries, use a wet wipe to clean it up.

Use Makeup Wipes
Makeup wipes get rid of makeup both on the face and on clothes or surfaces also. Just get a wipe and gently dab or rub gently until the makeup stain is gone. This works best on fresh stains that haven’t dried yet.

Shaving Cream
To do this, apply a little drop or two of the shaving cream to the stain and let it sit for ten minutes. While you wait, the shaving cream dissolves the makeup stain. After about ten minutes, clean off the shaving cream with cold water.

Blow Dryer
Blow dryer works best if loose power gets on your clothes from your face. When that happens, take a blow dryer and blow that powder out from your clothes. Grab a blow dryer.

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Try Alcohol
Alcohol does wonders when taking out makeup stains. Just soak a cotton ball or the tip of cloth in alcohol and then rub it on top of the makeup stain. Alcohol works best in removing lipstick stains since it can break into any stains from oils and wax.

Ice Cubes
Bet you didn’t know ice cubes can get rid of makeup stains also. Take an ice cube rub is really vigorously on the stain. Ice in general works well to remove stains while using hot water on the other hand during a spot treatment can actually spread the stain.


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