English Studies Examination Questions for JSS2

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English Studies Examination Questions for JSS2

  • SUBJECT:English Studies
  • TIME:   2 hours

INSTRUCTION:  Answer all question in section A and three questions in section B


1.         Which of these words has the vowel sound /i/ (a) Feed (b) Sell (c) Lick (d) Grow

2.         Which of these words has the /i:/ vowel sound (a) Bit (b) Run (c) Sit (d) Seed

3.         One of these does not have the vowel sound /Ͻ:/ (a) Board (b) Poured (c) Showed (d) Court

4.         Choose the correct group of the vowel sound /ɒ/ (a) Pop, pot, cat cot (b) pat, pan, can (c) corn, cord, door  (d) Sit, skin, pin

5.         The plural form of the countable noun leaf is (a) leafs (b) leaf (c) Leaves (d) leafes

6.         Identify uncountable noun in the options given (a) Book (b) Nigeria (c) Goose (d) Flour

7.         Which is the plural expression of the uncountable noun music (a) Musics  (b) Pieces of music (c) Some musics (d) A music

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8.         One of these is the appropriate pronoun for the underlined noun (a) He and it (b) Him are her (c) You and I (d) It and Him

9.         Which of these possession pronouns is correct for this sentence

            You are having an English lesson now

            (a) My  (b) Your  (c) His  (d) Her

10.       All sentences begin with a capital letter True or False



Answer question 1 and 2 other questions you


There is a popular saying that if there were no mosquitoes there would be no malaria. This is true, mosquitoes are blood feeders. If they happen to bite an individual harbouring some malaria parasites, they suck up these micro-organism together with their blood meal. Inside the stomach of the mosquito, the parasites develop to the infective stage.  When the same mosquito, in search of blood, bites a healthy person, it transfers these parasites into the new host. This individual then develops malaria. If we can control mosquitoes, then we can control malaria.

1a.       How can malaria be transferred to a healthy individual?

b.         When is mosquito dangerous to man?

2a.       Change the singular noun to plural noun in this sentence and make changes where necessary

            Sometimes, the boy goes fishing with his friends

b.         Change the plural noun to singular noun in this sentence

            The girls play hide-and-seek after swimming

3.         Recite this sentence using the capital letter where necessary

            I spent the whole of December at Lokoja

4.         Add possessive pronoun in the correct place in this sentence

            Ben is listening to records.

5.         Make two sentences with the word “table”. Begin the sentence with “There”

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