Nigerian rising star, singer and songwriter, Ernalo comes through with yet another new song titled “Mafi Lomi” featuring Damiray.

Mafi Lomi talks about the importance of hard work and detest stealing, Mafi lomi is a Yoruba word that means “don’t bring such to me” and here Ernalo is saying don’t bring to me the idea of stealing or taking what does not belong to me, I can do various jobs for money but definitely not stealing.

Ernalo further sang that there is a reward for hard work and if you get busy all the time trying to make money then you should spare some time to have fun if you can hustle you deserve some pampering, and if you also covet some luxuries and want to live a comfortable life Ernalo x Damiray has a message for you and it is that you double your hustle and keep working until you achieve your goal but stealing is not an option “Mafi Lomi”

Don’t envy anyone, you do not know their story or know how much they have worked hard, so when you see them flaunting their wealth.

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