Are you planning on travelling to a foreign country or continent, either for educational purposes, work or just a change of scenery? Then you’ll find this article very helpful as we have listed 5 essential skills to learn before travelling abroad.

As is popular knowledge, foreign industrial products are very cheap, however any products or services that involve handwork are outrageously expensive.

In comparison, if you learn some manual skills in advance in your home country, you can deal with it yourself if you encounter a similar situation after you go abroad.

This not only saves your pocket significantly, but potentially your life. In this article we have shared the top life skills that are to be learned before going abroad.

Top 5 Essential Life Skills to Learn Before Travelling Abroad

1. Learn to cook

In foreign countries, eating out is very expensive. Interestingly, not only is the food expensive, but also a series of additional fees such as tips and taxes.

There are always a lot of sums up, and the taste might sometimes not fit your taste buds.

Therefore, in foreign countries, only a few immigrants choose to go to restaurants regularly.

Not only that, the recipes in the cafeteria are basically repetitive, and you will always get tired after eating for a period of time.

From this perspective, an essential life skill to learn before leaving your home country is to to learn how to cook well in advance.

Aside the topic, it is very common in Africa for example for people to deep fry, so try not to cook smokey dishes abroad. Basically all places will be equipped with smoke alarms, so dishes such as stir-fry may trigger an alarm.

2. Learn to dry the sheets and quilts

Due to the pandemic, a very small number of immigrants will choose to return to their home country during the holidays, so they may only return once a year.

Therefore, bed sheets and quilts need to be washed and dried many times in a year. It is also very important to master the skills of drying bed sheets and other large daily necessities.

3. Learn to trim your hair

Essential Life skills to learn before travelling

Foreign labor costs are very expensive, and this includes hair cuts abroad. So if you’re a student for example, you might be forced to help each other cut.

Boys with short hair use electric clippers to barber each other, shortening the sides, leaving a little more on the top of the head. Girls on the other hand will do with a scissors.

Although this sounds simple, it is difficult to operate without adequate practice, so learn this essential life skill first in your country.

If you fail at home, you can find a hair stylist to remedy it cost effectively. If you go abroad, it will cost an arm and a leg to remedy it.

4. Learn to drive

It’s hard to move without a car abroad! For students, basically all foreign universities are located in the village, such as Australian universities and universities like Cornell, either in small cols or in the suburbs as a whole, isolated from the world.

If you rent a house by yourself, you need to go out of the mountain to buy vegetables and buy necessities. In this case, if you can’t drive, you can seek the favour of  your mates, who you’ll eventually become indebted to, an unwise predicament.

Therefore, it is necessary to learn to drive in advance in your home country.

5. Remember the names of some common drugs

Seeing a doctor abroad is a full-time job on its own. It is not only difficult to make an appointment with a doctor, but also extremely expensive.

In cases where there is no need to go to the hospital for minor illnesses like a cold, just purchase your own medicine and take it.

Therefore, it is important to have some common knowledge of medicines, such as their names and when to take what.

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