How To Make Money With Facebook Account And Facebook Groups

With Facebook’s vast popularity in the domain of powerful social networks, it’s no surprise that owning a Facebook account with effective management of Facebook Groups is one of the best ways to make money.

You could be musing on the validity of the preceding assertion but the indisputable truth is that myriads of people are monetizing their effective use of Facebook Groups.

Quite frankly, Facebook Groups are not only a pleasant avenue for networking and conversation but also a stream with an avalanche of opportunities for people to make money.

Reading this article further, you’re bound to find out how you can make money with your Facebook account by leveraging on Facebook Groups.

Sponsorship and Advertising

Facebook Sponsored Posts vs. Facebook Ads: Which is Better?

If you’re the group admin, probably of a Facebook group created by you, you can take advantage of sponsorship and advertising to monetize Facebook Groups. This should work well if you’ve got a powerful fans forum or other kind of Facebook group.

Put simply, your job is to assist others in sponsoring or advertising their product, event, etc., via your active Facebook group. While the sponsors are very likely to garner much popularity for the product/event by courtesy of your powerful Facebook group, you can decide to charge a fee in return for this service.

Coaching and Consulting

Coaching and Consulting

This, of course, is one of the proven ways for group admins to monetize their Facebook groups. As a coaching expert with sizeable clientele, you can make use of Facebook Groups to better offer coaching or consulting services to more people online.

For instance, as an expert in social media engagement, you can render your coaching services to users of Facebook Groups and as you grow a huge audience and keep them engaged, you can decide to begin charging a fee for your services.

Buying and Selling

Facebook hosts myriads of “Buy and Sell” groups for buyers and sellers to connect with each other and reach agreements that favour both parties. Through Facebook groups, you can establish contact with potential buyers or sellers in your neighbourhood. And interestingly, Facebook’s “Buy and Sell” groups have been arranged into various niches, making it easy for anyone to locate people (probably buyers and sellers) that they share interests with.

Charging Membership Fees

This happens to be a great opportunity for people running reputable Facebook groups to monetize such groups. If you own a Facebook group that boasts high-minded influencers, experts or coaches in a specific value-adding niche, you’re very likely to make money through membership subscription.

On your part, it’s essential that the Facebook group is equipped with lots of resources (such as online events and valuable information) plus a handful of experts so that members can always get what they are looking for. Once member engagement is in place, you can rest assured that the group members will refer more people to the group. You stand to monetize this opportunity by setting a subscription fee that people willing to join the group have to pay.

Generating Website Traffic

If you’re running a website or blog that is yet to garner traffic enough, you can count on Facebook Groups to help you send mouthwatering traffic to the website/blog.

A great way you can tap into the benefit of Facebook Groups is sharing the links to your blog/website contents (such as posts and videos) to active groups. Endeavour to properly structure whatever you’re sharing by including a brief description and a sort of call to action that will stimulate clicks. In return, your website/blog will gain more views, ultimately increasing your revenue.


As running active Facebook accounts boosts people’s chances of monetizing their online dealings, so does utilizing Facebook Groups guarantee you a high likelihood of making money. Whether you’re a fitness coach, social media engagement expert, product seller, online marketing expert, etc., you can always expect to make money with Facebook Groups while doing what you know how to do best.

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