These are indeed terrible times for most businesses. And digital entrepreneurs have a special mission to accomplish, with digital skills and resilience, involving a creative momentum, to help the world come back to its feet, and run in a much better way.

One of such entrepreneurs is Fernando Raymond, who start as an SEO Consultant who build a leading digital marketing agency in London then turned Digital Entrepreneurship advocate during this COVID-19 Pandemic.

Fernando Raymond

Fernando Raymond is passionate about digital entrepreneurship, and thus has undertaken to promote and teach profitable and powerful digital marketing strategies and industry best practices based on the principles of Honesty, Integrity, and Transparency (HIT).

How Fernando Raymond started as an SEO Consultant in London

Fernando Raymond was born in Sri-Lanka and currently living in London, United Kingdom. He is the CEO of ClickDo™, an SEO and Online Marketing Services Agency, and SeekaHost, a Global web hosting company that created the world’s best Blog hosting control panel. 

Fernando started his SEO agency, ClickDo in the UK and that’s going on for the last 7 years and now managed by his expert term whom he personally trained.

It all started after he completed his postgraduate studies at the University of Worcester, then Fernando moved to the City of London. Fernando was certain from the start that London was the ideal place to grow his business. 

He has come to understand that London was one of the major cities in the tech and innovation sector, and therefore, would offer an ideal platform for a start-up. But, he wasn’t yet quite certain of which niche in the vast pool of technology that would best suit his awesome and unique talents.

Fernando engaged in an intensive research into the various tech trends at the time. And with his search came that ultimate validation which as a hunch he had started with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as the Future digital skill. Fernando made the decision that SEO was the way for him after reading an article in a Forbes magazine on that same title.

Initially, he started with a business blog, and Fernando used the blog as a platform to share his views on how small businesses could grow by establishing an online presence.

 SEO Consultant turns Digital Entrepreneurship advocate during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Many small businesses in London started to pay attention to the sound advice he offered on his business blog. And within a short while, Fernando started receiving huge traffic and his monthly commissions from such businesses grew as well.

The popularity of his business blog spurred rapid growth in the number of clients seeking his SEO services. Fernando then decided to build a full-fledged SEO marketing agency. He enlisted the help of two of his friends, and this marked the founding of ClickDo as a digital marketing company. 

The subsequent success of ClickDo due to increased demand in SEO services necessitated his hiring of more staff. And ultimately led to the setting up of the affiliate web hosting company, SeekaHost which was founded at almost same time that ClickDo moved to a new location at Canary Wharf from Queensbury in London.

How Fernando Raymond promotes and encourages people to become Digital Entrepreneurs

With over 10 years of experience doing online marketing for his own brands and clients, Fernando Raymond understands what works for each online industry and how to get the best ROI.

Fernando Raymond is advocating for people to get Online and turn their Ideas into an online journal, that is a Blog. His starting a blog led to him becoming a digital entrepreneur and strategist to help thousands of people with online marketing services.

As the Internet has allowed many people to break free and start their own successful businesses, with some bloggers making millions in income, allowing them to leave their employment and still others making a decent part-time income on the side.

And to help people in these very areas of digital entrepreneurship, Fernando is offering free digital marketing courses at SeekaHost University. And has also provided a bespoke WordPress blog hosting control panel at for bloggers to easily create their blog and get it online in no time. 

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