Fidelity Mobile Banking: Everything You Need to Know About Fidelity Mobile Banking

Mobile banking is undoubtedly one of the technologies that have made banking a lot easier. Gone are the days when customers had to be in queues for any transaction they wanted to perform. These days however, customers have the volition to do most of their banking right from the comfort of their smartphones. Banks are cashing in on the opportunities in mobile banking and Fidelity Bank isn’t lagging behind at all.

Interestingly, Fidelity Bank’s mobile banking lets you enjoy the ease of doing mobile banking, manage your accounts and carry out transactions anywhere and anytime. With the mobile banking offered by Fidelity Bank, you’re surely at the discretion of when, where and how you want to do your banking.

Besides the ease of banking, Fidelity mobile banking guarantees optimum security for your sensitive data. You’re allowed to tie a nickname to your mobile account and simply access the account with the nickname rather than use your account number. You do not have to worry about the leakage of personal information through mobile banking as Fidelity Bank provides security layers which safeguard your data at all times. Also, every login session requires you to input your password so that you’re assured maximum safety.

To get the most out of Fidelity’s mobile banking, all you have to do is enrolling in its online banking by clicking here

Moreover, here are some of the things Fidelity Bank mobile banking lets you do without hassle:

  • Payment of bills
  • Account balance inquiry
  • Transfer of funds
  • Management of pending payments
  • Depositing checks
  • Checking history of transactions
  • Browsing available Fidelity Bank branches and ATM stands

Fidelity Mobile

Fidelity Mobile is a banking facility in the form of a mobile e-wallet. It is designed for customers to execute bill payment, fund transfer and certain other money transactions right from the convenience of their mobile phones wherever they are.

Fidelity Mobile Recharge

This is an easy-to-use service for airtime recharge for you or your beloved ones. The good thing about this service is that you don’t need any internet connection and it can be done on any kind of phone. To recharge airtime for yourself, just dial the USSD code *770# with your desired airtime amount. For #500 worth of airtime, dial *770*500# on your mobile phone. For #500 airtime recharge to a friend or relative, simply dial *770*recipient’s phone number*500#

Getting Started with Fidelity Mobile Banking

There are two ways you can get started with Fidelity mobile banking. The first way is to dial a short USSD code while the second way is to visit an authorized app store to download the Fidelity mobile app. If you aren’t using an internet-enabled phone, you may have to choose using the USSD code to get started.

But provided you have a smartphone, you can easily launch the app store of your smartphone category (such as Blackberry, Android or iOS), search for the Fidelity mobile app and download it.

Once you have downloaded the app, follow the steps below to get started:

  • Launch the app and register as a user of Fidelity Bank mobile banking
  • With that done, you’ll have to visit a Fidelity Bank branch to simply get your e-money wallet activated
  • Let the bank branch connect your Fidelity account with the e-money wallet
  • Now, you can start using your e-money wallet for carrying out airtime purchase, bill payment and money transfer (but to do all this, you have to fund the wallet by withdrawing money from your bank account into it)
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