Foods To Avoid If You Have Stomach Ulcer


An ulcer is the corrosion of the stomach lining which leads to sores. Basically, it is when we have a wound inside our stomachs. We have different kinds of ulcers but for the sake of this article, we focus solely on stomach ulcers. Do you know there are certain foods that you should run from if you have a stomach ulcer? Well if you don’t know, we learn every day and we get to learn something new today. There are some beliefs that stomach ulcers cannot be cured, it can be cured with proper care, from the right medication to changing some lifestyle of yours, and finally, staying far away from foods that will trigger the ulcer.

The reason some foods should be avoided for an ulcer patient is so they do not irritate the sore. If you are an ulcer patient, stay far far away from these foods;

1. Anything Spicy, from pepper to spicy food and spicy seasonings. Spicy foods actually do make the ulcer symptoms much worse in most cases. So stay away from them.

2. Coffee
Strange but true. Coffee is a big NO for ulcer patients. The stimulant in coffee which is caffeine makes the already sore area which is the ulcer, much worse and we do not want to make worse an already bad situation.

3. Alcohol
Any alcohol or alcoholic beverages, ulcer patients should stay away from them. Acid level increases when we take alcohol and when this happens, the healing process slows down.

Finally, Different kinds of pasta, like noodles, spaghetti, macaroni, and most foods in a can should be avoided. Vegetables and fruits like watermelon, cucumber, basically fruits filled with water should be taken.

Other foods worthy of mention are Beans, drinks with fizz or gas like our very popular soft drinks in Nigeria, Citrus fruits like oranges, lemon, lime, pineapple should also be avoided. Any fruits filled with acids like the aforementioned should be avoided. Chocolate, tomatoes, condiments like seasonings high in fat should stay far away from your mouths.

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