Free Netflix Account Password 2022-Get Daily Free Netflix Account

Free Netflix Accounts: Netflix is a leading video streaming platform that covers all aspects of entertainment including movies, seasons, videos etc. It provides the best service and also charges less on its subscription compared to its competitors. If you are an avid consumer or fanatics of entertainment then you are probably aware of the fact that Netflix is a one-stop platform for all the exclusive movies and seasons.

With its effective subscription charges & stunning features, it has gathered approximately 222 million users from all over the world and continues to grow without bounds. And it has also become one of the top streaming companies in the world. Well, Netflix requires a monthly or yearly subscription plan if you want to stream its content. For those who can’t afford its subscription plan, we are going to provide free Netflix accounts & passwords. Below, we have added fresh unused accounts (Email & Password) that are working in June 2022.

What Are Free Netflix Accounts & Passwords?

Practically, Netflix is a video streaming platform, well, to access the Netflix features including Netflix trial base. In order to have full access to your Netflix account, you will need an active Netflix account email & password. It will allow you to log in to Netflix and access premium content & its features. Netflix has 4 different subscription plans (Mobile, Basic, Standard, Premium) that offer different perks at different prices, as you can see from the screenshot below.

The least plan requires 149Rs or $2 per month and with its least subscription, you can stream videos at 480p, watch Netflix on your mobile phone & tablet, limited to use on one device at a time, unlimited movie streaming, and also cancel the subscription at any time. Its highest plan is premium which costs 649Rs or $8.61, with this you can stream videos at 4K+HDR and share up to 4 screens.

Now, what are free Netflix accounts & passwords? Well, they are the same Netflix account but have higher subscribed plans and are not limited to a single device. This means the accounts can be used by multiple people on multiple devices at the same time without any barrier.

And for your information, we have collected free Netflix accounts & passwords from different sources that promise to work. So, now let us show you those accounts & passwords.

Free Netflix Accounts & Passwords Updated June 2022

Updated Free Netflix Accounts List
Free Netflix Accounts 2022

Below, you will find the list of free working Netflix accounts & passwords. The account’s email and password may not work for everybody, in that case, we recommend trying the next one until you find the working account from the list.

Working Free Netflix Accounts & Passwords

Username Password Plan Validity Urayoan14 15 June 2022 sidram123 13 June 2022 Emmalou09 16 June 2022
darkManti@sky.coM Manti6425 14 June 2022 Pecson97! 12 June 2022 Littlee2! 17 June 2022 Lokisimi02! 15 June 2022 Batman88! 13 June 2022 kevinplotka321 17 June 2022 190158Jki 12 June 2022

Free Netflix Accounts & Passwords That Still Works in 2022

Username Password Validity JohnnyJax27 16 June 2022 11880Leonard 14 June 2022 19cincin 18 June 2022 12Nov1985@ 12 June 2022 Trentingrana1 15 June 2022 Kameron19! 17 June 2022 swift9642 13 June 2022 alpha123 18 June 2022 Tigger02! 20 June 2022

Long-term Free Working Netflix Accounts & Passwords

We have also found some working free Netflix accounts that are newly created. The below free Netflix accounts emails & passwords have been taken from another source and have 30 days validity.

Username Password Validity Joker007! 30 Days LeahDawn2! 30 Days Analog262564! 30 Days Aggie7983! 30 Days Bryan624 30 Days Savior07 30 Days Tryg2010! 30 Days Pupa5ore 30 Days Bart2010 30 Days

Free Netflix Accounts List Updated – 1 June 2022

We add email & password here after testing them, we add merely when it works. Also, most users change the password of free Netflix accounts once they get access. And that is the reason why you see the password is wrong during the login process. Well, don’t worry if you are facing that too. There are many methods to get access to Netflix for free, let me show you.

How to Get Free Netflix Accounts in 2022

Free Netflix Accounts
Get a Free Netflix Account

Wanting a free Netflix account in the sense one is not ready to actually subscribe to the Netflix subscription plan or afford the money without trying its service, for those people, free Netflix accounts & passwords have been shared above. You can use the free Netflix accounts using the username & password. And that way, you will be able to get a glimpse of its features & content. Other than that, there are some more ways that can help you get free Netflix accounts.

Below, we have shared the best ways through which you can get a free Netflix account in 2022. By following them, you can get a free Netflix account for a few days i.e 14 days, 30 days, 7 days, etc.

1. Free 7-days Trial Netflix Account

Via normal signup on the Netflix platform, one can get a 7-day trial account on the first signup for absolutely free. In those 7-days, you will have full access to Netflix and you will be able to enjoy all its features & content. To perform normal signup, just visit the official website of Netflix and then signup for any subscription you like to have. After 7-days, you can easily cancel the account and Netflix will not charge you a penny for that.

(Update 2022) Free Netflix Trial is now not available for all regions. You can check the availability for your region here.

2. Using Virtual Debit Cards

Nowadays, there are many services on the Internet that allows the creation of multiple virtual debit cards that can be used for Netflix subscription, online payment, and whatnot. The trick is you can generate multiple VDC and grab trial accounts of Netflix with different Emails. Once a trial account period gets over, you can signup with another email & enjoy the trial account again and you can follow this process until you become tired of Netflix.

3. Sharing of Netflix Account

If your friends have a Netflix account with a premium plan then you can ask them if they can share the account with you. In most cases, if you have good friends, they will not hesitate to share their accounts with you. In the worst case, you can give them some money and grab the Netflix Account in partnership. That will definitely work out if you know what I’m talking about here. That will at least save you some money instead of paying for a premium Netflix account alone.

4. Free Netflix Account with Airtel

For India and some other countries, Airtel has partnered with Netflix to come up with a fantastic offer that provides its user free Netflix Account with Airtel postpaid & prepaid plans. If you are an Airtel user then you can take benefit from it & get a free Netflix account. For more details, just download & open the My Airtel app and signup with your Airtel number. In the App, you will find complete details & instructions on how to get a free Netflix Account by subscribing Airtel plan.

Helpful Link: Free Netflix for Airtel Users

5. Netflix Content Apps

One of the popular workaround to watch Netflix content is to use free movie apps. These apps offer movies & TV seasons in quantity and have a separate section for OTA platform content such as Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, etc. You can explore and watch your favourite Netflix originals as well as other entertainment offered by the platform on the free movie apps below. These apps are also legit and you can safely download them from App Stores.

6. Netflix Cookies

Another fantastic way to access free Netflix is by using Netflix Cookies. Basically, Netflix Cookies are some files that get created when a subscribed user surfs through Netflix via Browser. Generally, the Browser stores Cookies to speed up the surfing & overall user experience. In this method, you just need an extension called EditThisCookies and valid Netflix cookies. You can either use it on a PC or Android. Instructions for both are described in the helpful link below.

7. Free Netflix Accounts Telegram Channels 2022

Telegram is becoming more of a text-based version of YouTube where you can subscribe to channels and receive updates regarding its content in text form. There are quite many free Netflix accounts related channels where the admin of channels runs giveaways on a regular basis. You can take part and try your luck. Also, these channels provide free Netflix accounts to their subscribers on weekly basis and sometimes in 2-3 day intervals.

Free Netflix Accounts Telegram
Free Netflix Accounts Telegram Channel

So, install Telegram on your phone if you haven’t already and search the term “Free Netflix Accounts” using the search tool. Join all of the channels that appear in the search and follow them to receive free working accounts.

Tip: Make sure you join only popular Netflix account channels that have a good number of subscribers and stay active on them. As soon as they share the accounts list that they usually do regularly, pick one as soon as possible and try to log in to Netflix with the credentials you’ve picked.

So, these are the basic 7 ways to get a free Netflix Account other than the free Netflix Account’s Email & Password shared above. Now, let me show you the benefits of a free Netflix account.

Benefits of a Free Netflix Account

When we get something for free, the benefit really doesn’t matter for most of us but still, some of you may want to know the benefits. For those people, I’m going to share the real benefits of a free Netflix Account.

Complete access to Netflix

Some of you may be doubting that with a free Netflix account, you won’t be able to access the full version of Netflix. Well, that is false, you will be able to access the full version of Netflix with a free Netflix Account. Yes, you might face some limitations because of the plan that you have got with the provided free Netflix Account. As per your plan, you will be able to access the possible features that Netflix provides to its subscribed users.

Download Facility

If you have found something interesting but don’t have a stable internet connection or time to watch then you can download it and watch it whenever you want. That is possible with the download facility that Netflix Offers to all its users, in all plans. And there are no extra charges for that, this perk is included in all the four plans that Netflix currently offers. With the download facility, you can choose what video quality you want to download. This option will pop up once you request downloading by clicking on the download button on Netflix while streaming videos.

Stream at 4K/Ultra HD

In case, if you have got a standard plan or above with the above provided Free Netflix Accounts then you will be able to stream videos on Netflix at 4K/Ultra HD. Not all the video streaming platforms have this facility even those who are charging higher than Netflix on Subscription have only 1080p quality. Well, the best part of Netflix is you can stream any video at the finest quality 4k. And that benefit is extremely satisfying for free Netflix account users.


The biggest disadvantage of television right now is that only one person can use the TV at a time. Well, the script for online streaming services like Netflix is different. However, with Netflix’s free account, you can share the screen with 4 other family members or friends. This means that four people will be able to take benefit from a single Netflix account at a time. Those four people can choose their favourite movies or seasons to watch separately. That’s the main benefit & feature of Netflix.

So, these are the benefits of free Netflix accounts which are no different from the actual features of Netflix. Well, now that we have come so far here, let us answer some frequently asked questions.

Free Netflix Accounts FAQs

If you still have questions about a free Netflix Account then you can find the answer here.

How can I get a free Netflix account?

To get a free Netflix account, you can take Netflix’s Trial period benefit and try the platform to see if it fits your requirements. Apart from that, you can get a free account from other users who have subscribed to Netflix with a standard or higher plan. Or you can also use the free Netflix username & password that we have provided here. Netflix Content apps also work perfectly fine, it gives you access to Netflix without any account.

Can I get a free Netflix account in the Philippines?

Yes, anyone can get a free Netflix account in the Philippines. The free Netflix Username & password is supported in all the regions, the only thing you have to do is to use the free Account details i.e username & password, and provide the postal code of your area. That’s it, after that you will be able to access your Netflix account from anywhere in the world.

The Netflix trial option may not be available in the Philippines, make sure you check that from the official site.

Is Using the Free Netflix Account Safe?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to use in most cases unless you are tricking Netflix with IDs generated by the free Netflix Account Generator. All the Free Netflix Accounts that are provided here are genuine accounts hence, you won’t get in trouble after using them. The free accounts have been picked from Telegram channels and some other valid sources.

Should I Use Free Netflix Accounts Generated by Netflix Account Generator?

You shouldn’t use it because they use a hack to let the generated IDs work on Netflix. The video streaming company is also working on blocking fake logins from fake IDs. Those generated IDs may seem to be working for you but that can put you in trouble since it’s purely illegal. Meanwhile, you will be taking some risks while using a Free Netflix Account generated by Netflix Account Generator. We highly recommend ignoring such tools to avoid pointless troubles.


Now, you have reached the bottom line of this article and so far, we have discussed almost everything about the free Netflix account. If you are going to use a Netflix account provided above then you need to know that it may work for a few days. All the Netflix accounts shared above have been taken from valid sources, some will work and some will not. But we encourage you to try all the listed accounts until you find a working one and then stick with that as long as it works.

We update the free Netflix accounts list regularly and try to provide working accounts as much as humanly possible. If you have any questions about the free Netflix account that hasn’t got answered in the FAQs section then you can ask us in the comments below. Also, let us know your thoughts about this article on free Netflix accounts and share it with your friends if you liked it.

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Free Netflix Account Email & Password

Password Click Here To See Password
Plan Premium
Creation Date Today
Account Validity 180 Days
Account Type 4 Screen UHD
Telegram Channel Join Now!


Free Netflix Account Email & Password

Password Click Here To See Password
Plan Premium
Creation Date Today
Account Validity 180 Days
Account Type 4 Screen UHD
Telegram Channel Join Now!


Free Netflix Account Email & Password

Password Click Here To See Password
Plan Premium
Creation Date Today
Account Validity 180 Days
Account Type 4 Screen UHD
Telegram Channel Join Now!


Free Netflix Account Email & Password

Password Click Here To See Password
Plan Premium
Creation Date Today
Account Validity 180 Days
Account Type 4 Screen UHD
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Free Netflix Account Email & Password

Password Click Here To See Password
Plan Premium
Creation Date Today
Account Validity 180 Days
Account Type 4 Screen UHD
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Free Netflix Account Email & Password

Password Click Here To See Password
Plan Premium
Creation Date Today
Account Validity 180 Days
Account Type 4 Screen UHD
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Free Netflix Account Email & Password

Password Click Here To See Password
Plan Premium
Creation Date Today
Account Validity 180 Days
Account Type 4 Screen UHD
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Free Netflix Account Email & Password

Password Click Here To See Password
Plan Premium
Creation Date Today
Account Validity 180 Days
Account Type 4 Screen UHD
Telegram Channel Join Now!


Free Netflix Accounts Logins – Email ID’s & Passwords

EMAIL                                                              PASSWORD

    1.                                                 MeOnly$1
    2.                         OmegleOnly
    1.                                   Letmedie
    1.                                       t89Werty
    2.                                              danbrown2
    3.                         euphorialover
    4.                                           sialkot12
    5.                                              Notesmen2
    6.                                         Joeyandre1
    7.                                             Jordam23
    8.                                          Jcar26052001
    9.                                                       xioxioxio9
    10.                                          Billyboo1
    11.                              computer2!
    12.                                            horefu
    13.                                      grumpy13
    14.                                            nymets
    15.                                      dodge1
    16.                                                     lamar091
    17.                                        andrew28
    18.                                     hayden2005
    19.                                         100191Ab
    20.                                              besogon
    21.                                              maxfli
    22.                                            1password1
    23.                                            Brick1955
    24.                                                rubyruby
    25.                                         tillie85
    26.                                       blondie50
    27.                                              password11
    28.                                             mikah12
    29.                                         antonia
    30.                                   Summer06

Free Netflix Accounts Logins – Email ID’s & Passwords  11

  1.                                                            zocker01
  2.                                  smithy1988
  3.                                  louise92
  4. a                                        ndreas2902
  5.                                                   Steinbach_1
  6.                               manu2012
  7.                                       Lampshade1!
  8.                          lawrence123
  9.                                              Hamburg08
  10.                                            titsup
  11.                                  headhunter87
  12.                              19631967
  13.                                               gizmosan16
  14.                           guardian91
  15.                                            Lizaida88
  16.                                         ifdeluxe12
  17.                                             secret45
  18.                                 kerensa1
  19.                                          Florian2
  20.                                            cs342ls150586
  21.                                       euriware29
  22.                                          Everest53
  23.                                             Karma780
  24.                                             aa7317
  25.                                             alyusa
  26.                                            piranha97
  27.                              showme
  28.                                             yleandrew
  29.                                       villa779
  30.                                            Matyas456
  31.                             ede250869
  32.                                      Gilmour93
  33.                                                 Avalon66
  34.                                                chouchou
  35.                                     medina12
  36.                                                mykira
  37.                                          wheeler2
  38.                                        user53
  39.                      kirsten007
  40.                                              __justice40
  41.                                     Cornflake9
  42.                                     TW156@Netflix
  43.                                     Netflix@123Tw
  44.                                      TW@123Netflix
  45.                                     TW@67#Netflix
  46.                                      Free@123#TW
  47.                                      Netflix@Free23#
  48.                                        TW@Free#190
  49.                                      Netflix#TW@357
  50.                                       benjamin03
  51.                                  1564565
  52.                                                    netflixpass
  53.                                    051201
  54.                                jm2719
  55.                                       008249
  56.                                          interview0929
  57.                                                   cdefgahc
  58.                                            qwerty7
  59.                                           asser89
  60.                                                       slider66
  61.                                             0o0o6565
  62.                                               jsdaw1979
  65.                                                     17737271888
  66.                                                123456
  67.                                                    cdefgahc

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