There are lots of streaming service providers available in the market. You must be familiar with Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO, and many more. But, as the technology is enhancing, there are many streaming service providers available in the market.

There are many streaming platforms on which we get to see ads and if we click on it, by mistake, it will lead us to malicious sites, which is not good for us.

We need to find the best of them and consider which streaming platform we should use. Here are the best sites to watch TV shows online Free. We have listed each of them by testing them. Read about each of these different streaming platforms, mark your favorite streaming platform to use it.

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Best sites to watch a TV shows online

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Site Names Link
Netflix View Site
Amazon Prime View Site
Hotstar View Site
crackle View Site
Movie4U View Site
GoMovies View Site
Popcornflix View Site
SnagFilms View Site
Pluto TV View Site
Vimeo View Site
Internet Archive View Site
IMDb TV View Site
Roku channel View Site
Vumoo View Site
Tubi View Site
Retrovision View Site
FreeFlix View Site
Bmovies View Site
Putlocker View Site
5Movies View Site
View Site
WatchFree View Site



netflix mod apk

Netflix is considered to be the best selling platform all around the world. It is the biggest streaming platform that almost every user who watches movies or TV shows online For Free.

The content that is available on Netflix, mostly originals and TV shows from the 90s that entertain us on Netflix. So many shows and movies are available on Netflix which we can watch. All the content is available in high definition quality possible. All the content that is available on Netflix is worth watching. Netflix does give you new shows and its originals daily.

So, you will not get bored on Netflix. The monthly subscription plan of Netflix is very high as compared to Amazon Prime. If you are a mobile user, then you will have to pay 199 per month. On Netflix also you get 28 days of a free trial when you join Netflix.

There are other subscription plans of Netflix also like Netflix premium which is off 799 per month in which you can share the screen with four people, and also you can watch content in 4K quality on your TV. If you are a movie freak, then we will suggest you go with Netflix.

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Amazon Prime

amazon prime

The very first platform where we can watch TV shows online For Free is Amazon Prime. This is an OTT platform that does provide us a huge collection of HD movies and TV shows. There is an option of listening to our favorite music also.

As the Prime subscription of Amazon does also offers Prime music. If you are a member of Amazon Prime, then you will get fast delivery also. To use Amazon Prime, you need to take the prime membership from Amazon, and after that, you will be able to enjoy all these features from watching TV shows and movies to listening to music absolutely for free. And fast delivery of any product.

This is a great advantage of Amazon Prime membership because in just one subscription it offers all the things. If you are new to Amazon then you can get a 30 day of a free trial of Prime membership. Also, if you are a student, then you can get Amazon Prime membership for one year in half the amount that a normal user pays.

The monthly subscription plan of Amazon Prime is 129 rupees per month. But the yearly action plan is 999 per year. And if you are a student then you will get a 50% discount then it will cost you 500 rupees per year.

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Hotstar MOD APK

Another platform where we can stream/ watch TV shows online Free is Hotstar. It is one of the most popular online video streaming platforms which is very popular in India.

Hotstar does stream some of the famous Indian TV shows which are from Star Network. Not only that, but the Hotstar also streams TV shows such as Games Of Thrones from HBO network, which is not available on Netflix.

The user interface of Hotstar is quite interesting and user-friendly with the help of which anyone can use it easily. It has gained popularity among Indian people, when they miss any of their TV shows they do watch it free on Hotstar. Hotstar does habits premium version in which we do have extra features.

It does also produces its special shows which are for the premium users only. It was launched in February 2015 and it does have 300 million actives till now. On Hotstar we can enjoy the content of local language also live Tamil Telugu Kannada Malayalam Gujarati Assamese and more. The monthly subscription plan of Hotstar is of rupees 299 and the yearly subscription plan is of rupees 999.



Crackle is another streaming platform to watch online TV shows. Crackle is Sony’s online streaming service, which is a free streaming service. That means you do not have to pay for it to take it a subscription.

They play ads in between to get the money. We know that ads are annoying but they are not the flossing thing in the world and they could save you about $10 a month which is quite good.

They do analyze your search history and watch history and then the comments to the shows and movies accordingly and after that, they show you movie all TV show accordingly.

It is one of the best movie streaming platforms to watch any of the TV show online for free. This does have an option to filter any of the TV show based on the genre like crime comedy action-adventure and more. If you want to use a Sony crackle then you can download it for your Android device also and it can be installed on the iOS device also. Use a VPN to have a smooth experience with a Sony crackle.



This is another online platform where we can watch any of the TV shows and movies. All the TV shows like Vikings and sacred games from Netflix are available here absolutely for free. On this platform, the very good thing is that there is no add streaming on this website.

There are only a few one-twos pops up of advertisement when you stream a movie which is okay when it is available for free. They do update the website weekly with the latest movies and TV shows. The video quality available is very attractive. The overall experience of this platform by me is nice and the user interface is very handy to a new user too.



First of all the latest clarify that this website is only for those people who love to watch movies. So if you are one of them who loves to watch movies in high quality of video then you should go with GoMovies.

The user interface is very user friendly and it is well organized. You do not need to log in or register to the website, which ensures that there will be no data leak of yours. For every movie, they have more than enough servers so that if one does not work another does work.

You can watch any of the movie bi filtering through the general life comedy family crime drama action and many more. The best streaming quality of every video is quite awesome which is a key highlight of this website. Again the latest lady for use that this website is for only those people who love to watch movies this is not for TV show lovers.



This is a platform that does have access to tons of movies and TV shows. This does have also applications available on Google Play Store, Amazon, Xbox, Roku, and Apple TV. You can stream any of the TV shows or movies on the website also.

We would recommend you this website if you are a mainstream movie lover. It was launched in March 2011. Devi a specific search icon on the home screen where you can search for any of the movies with the title of the movie or TV show.

There are around a hundred TV series available on this platform. There are shows from 90 is like the legend of Zelda, Super Mario 3 Bros, and many more. There is a section in which you can see the most popular shows and movies. Which is available for Android and IOs users also on their app stores.


SnagFilms is another platform where we can watch TV shows and movies. It does have a collection of classics and documentaries from all around the world. This streaming platform does also has its application for IOS Android windows Roku TV and smart TV.

The ads streaming on this platform are in video ads, so when you stream a movie or TV show, then you will notice this ad. If you are looking for current TV series on this platform then you will not get it.

Although if you are a fan of old TV series and movies then you will easily get it on this platform. All you need to do is go to the search icon and type the title of the movie or TV show. There is a great compilation of movies on this platform.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV

This is a free streaming website where you can watch TV shows and movies. It does works like a regular television on which you can go from One TV channel to another.

You can move from one genre to another like daily shop sports news serials. Also, there are channels based on separate sections like movie music live Star entertainment and there are channels of science also.

The user interface is very nice and friendly to new users also. When you download the application then there is a general section on the left side named movies news sports comedy entertainment lifestyle games and other things. There is also a favorite section where you can put your favorite shows.



Just like YouTube Vimeo is a video streaming platform which allows user to upload their movies all TV shows in high definition quality. You need to pay on the website to watch some of the movies but there are endless contain which are free for you to watch, especially the short films.

Vimeo does have its website and also an application for both Android and IOS users. There is a download section where you can watch movies after downloading it if you do not have a stable internet connection. So, we would recommend you can use this website, and when you go there you have to make a new user ID of Vimeo with a password.

Internet Archive

Internet Archive

If you are a lover of classic movies then this website is for you. From the name, it is clear that many of the movies which are made in the golden age are available on this website.

This is a platform where we can watch movies from the golden Era absolutely for free. You can also download a movie on this platform and watch it later. If you want to download all the files that are on the page you need to click on the download option menu and select download all files.

Talking about the user interface of this website, we found this website very user friendly to a new user also. If you are a fan of old Golden Era movies then we would recommend you to go to this website.



You can certainly watch things absolutely for free here on IMDb. There are many movies and TV shows that are available on this website absolutely for free. The revenue model of this website is by placing ads. So why you stream any of the movie or TV show on this platform you will notice some of the ads streaming.

You know that Amazon owns IMDb. To watch any of the movies you need to have an IMDB account for Amazon account. The user interface is not that good for a new user. But there is also a top-rated category where you can find movies that are trending now. Overall, the website is good and we can watch a movie all the TV show on this website.

Roku channel

Another streaming platform where we get a lot of movie and TV show content is the Roku channel. If you do have a Roku TV then you must have access to the Roku channel. There is a category of the genre in which you can go from one channel to another like action-adventure classic comedy-drama and many more.

You can also add the premium subscription to the Roku channel and then watch shows from HBO and many more. Overall, this Roku channel does have access to free movies and TV show content. We would recommend you to use this platform also.



This is one of the best streaming platforms to watch TV shows and movies absolutely for free. On this platform users not need to sign up or login so there is no chance of privacy issues.

When you open a movie or TV show then it will show you the streaming link IMDb rating genre actors and other details. There is more than one server to stream any of the TV shows, so every time you can access any of the TV shows or movies.

We would recommend you to use this platform. But there is a drawback on this platform that there will be no category like action, adventure, drama. All the genres are mixed.



Tubi is one of the streaming platforms where we can stream any of the movies or TV shows without signing up. This is a great feature as we do not have a data leakage issue.

But if you want to make an ID, then you can do so and make a playlist of yours. In the playlist, you can add your favorite TV shows and movies and with the help of different devices, you can resume from where you have left.

It does also have a neat and clean user interface so if you are a new user, then also you will not get confused to use it. There is a search icon in the middle of the top of the screen. The interface is dark. We recommend you to use this platform. There is an application available for IOS and Android users both.



It is considered to be the best website to watch classic TV shows absolutely for free. ET news offers a great collection of classic movies if you are into it. The website is pretty easy to use so even a new user can easily use it.

It is completely legal to download any stream any of the free TV series available on this platform. If you love to watch movies from the 50s and 60s, then you should use this platform.

On this platform, you can also stream Star Trek. There are many cartoons like Popeye The sailor Man Superman and more available on this platform. There is no sign up required to use this platform. Also, there is an application for Android smartphones, which is free to use.



FreeFlix is a free movie streaming platform that is clear from the name itself. No apps are streaming on this platform. So, while streaming any of the movies, you will not get bothered by the pop-ups.

There are filters like release date most viewed, genre, and the year with the help of which we can easily find our favorite movie. There are movies available on this website from 2009 to 2020. There is no lag available on this platform.

You should remember that there is no TV series available on FreeFlix. You can easily find your favorite movie to watch by typing the name of the movie in the search icon. They have put three servers to play a movie, in case if anyone does not work the other will do its work.



This is a platform where we can stream movies from all around the world. We can watch movies from different countries like China United States Korea India and Taiwan.

There are many fielders available on this platform for choosing any movie to watch like country genre IMDb rating and alphabetical order. There is a search for icon available on this platform where we can search any of the movies by its title? On this platform, registration is not mandatory.

There are many movies in every category to watch, and to stream those movies there are more than two servers. Also, you can watch the trailer of a movie before watching the full movie.



On this platform, you can have access to movies from different countries, and that too absolutely for free. There are two to the basis by which you can browse movies one is another and another is country.

There is also a list of top IMDB movies. And movies in alphabetical order. The TV shows available on Putlocker are available on a large scale. You do not need to worry about the privacy issue of yours as it does not require any registration to watch movies on any TV show. For revenue, they show ads. The quality of movies and TV shows is available in MP4 to HD quality. You can give it a watch.



If you are a fan of anime and movie and TV shows then you can stream it on this platform. The user interface is very nice and any new user can also use it as it does look like a premium platform.

They will not show you any ads only, only when you click on the play button they will show you one-two pop-ups. You can stream movies and TV shows from different countries like India ,Japan, HongKong, United States and many more countries.

There are different filters available by which you can find a movie or TV shows like genre, year, and country. This is a nice platform where you can also find anime content from Japan China and other places.



Another alternative to watch movies in India is Box TV. If someone is looking for Indian made films and web series then box TV is perfect for them. They offer you movies in 9 different languages of India including Hindi Bhojpuri, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, and Urdu.

Box-office TV offers hundreds of movies that do excites Indian audiences. The service of box TV is available in India Singapore UAE UK and the US. When you go for taking reception of box TV within you will get a one-month free subscription then after that, they will charge a very small amount from you. The monthly subscription plan for box TV is very affordable which is at 199 rupees per month. We recommend you to go with it.



It is the website for movies and TV series. We can use females without registering for it. And if we do not register on a platform that means it was free to use. You can watch movies in high definition quality on this platform. There is another list of 108 movies in which you can find your favorite one. And if you love to watch movies when you main watch all these hundred movies.

There is a search icon on the top where you can find your favorite movie or TV show by searching for it. They have categorized movie from a popular movie to the latest movie HD movies and also they have categorized it in the genre. They also add new movies and TV shows from time to time. You can watch them in HD quality.


We have searched about the different streaming platforms and came with different streaming platforms which are based in our point of view. You can watch your favorite TV series absolutely for free on many of these platforms.

All these websites have been tested by us and we have shortlisted all these websites for you. You may come with other streaming platforms and websites but you do not know about that platform. All this platform has been tested by us and you can use it absolutely with no issue. Do liver comment in the comment section given below about this article.

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