If you are wondering how to get NIN for JAMB registration 2022, then you are already on the right page. 

how to get nin for jamb registration 2021

In this guide, I am going to show you everything you need to know about obtaining National Identification Number (NIN) for JAMB registration 2022/2023.

I will not stop there, I will also proceed to answer all the questions that might come to your mind.

No time for story, let’s start right away!

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First, you need to know that you will need your NIN to get your JAMB profile code, which in turn will now be used to purchase your JAMB e-PIN.

LATEST NEWS UPDATE: JAMB has suspended the use of NIN for JAMB registration until 2022.

The National Identification Number (NIN) is issued by the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) and according to JAMB Registrar, all candidates must get their NIN to be able to register for JAMB.

NOTE: Enrolment for NIN is totally free!

nin enrolment is free

Before you can proceed to register for NIN, you must at least know where you are going to obtain it.

And that brings us to the question.

Where To Get NIN For JAMB Registration 2022

You can register and obtain your National Identification Number (NIN) at NIMC enrolment centres, as well as JAMB accredited CBT centres.

Before, you can only get NIN at NIMC enrolment centres.

However, due to the large number of people that will be doing this, JAMB has made arrangements with the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) so that candidates can also obtain their NIN at JAMB CBT approved centres.

So, in order to reduce the stress and the long queues, you have two options:

  1. JAMB accredited centres in all states [complete list]
  2. NIMC Enrolment Centres in all states nationwide

That brings us to the main question.

How To Get NIN For JAMB Registration 2022/2023

I will discuss this part in sub-sections:

  1. Documents that you need for NIN enrolment
  2. NIN pre-enrolment form (and whether to use it)
  3. Completing the registration process
  4. Getting your NIN (final step)

Now, follow me carefully and do not miss out any information as this part is very crucial.

In fact, mistakes can cost you as much as Fifteen Thousand Naira (N15,000) – [Some people have fallen victim already]

The worst part is that you can only enrol once, so you just have to pay that money if you make any mistake.

you can only register once

1. Documents You Need To Get Your NIN

If you are 16 years and above, you need your Bank Verification Number (BVN)  together with the original copy of one of the following documents:

  1. Old National ID Card
  2. Driver’s License
  3. Voter’s card (Temporary or Permanent)
  4. Nigerian International passport
  5. Certificate of Origin
  6. Attestation letter from a prominent ruler in your community
  7. Birth certificate
  8. Declaration of age
  9. Attestation letter from religious/traditional leader
  10. NHIS ID card
  11. Government staff ID card
  12. Registered/recognized private organization staff ID card
  13. School ID Card (private/public)
  14. Tax Clearance certificate
  15. Valid immigration documents

It is very easy for you to get your school ID card.

If you do not have, you can easy get you Birth Certificate or Certificate of Origin from your Local Government.

If you have a bank account already, you can easily check your Bank Verification Number (BVN) by dialing *565*0#.

If you do not currently have a bank account, you need to go and open an account and obtain your BVN.

So, if you have met these two requirements (BVN + One of the valid documents listed above), you can now proceed to the next step.

2. NIN Online Pre-Enrolments (And Whether To Use It)

In order to get your NIN for JAMB, you can either pre-enrol by yourself or proceed to the enrolment centre directly.

Anyone works fine.

When you get to NIN registration centres, you will be given a printed enrolment form to fill.

Then, the NIN registration officer will fill in your details online (into their database) before they proceed with finger capturing.

Now, you can actually download this form yourself online and fill it carefully on the paper before proceeding to the NIN enrolment centre.


You can also fill it online by yourself by using the pre-enrolment portal.

STEP 1: Click https://penrol.nimc.gov.ng/loginForm.tpl.html.php to visit NIN pre-enrolment portal (Opens in a new tab)

nin pre enrolment-portal

NOTE: If you want to use this method, take note of the username you are using as you will need it to login and complete your registration at the registration centre. Your password is very important too. Also, don’t forget the security answer.

After you click “Create”, you will receive the message “Account successfully registered, please login“.

At the left side of the page, login with your username and password.

When you login, you will receive the message like this:

welcome to pre enrolment portal

Click on the Close button at the top right corner. Then click on “START PRE ENROLMENT” button.

You will be taken to the online pre-enrolment application form. Start filling your personal details.

At this point, be very careful with every single detain that you fill. Do not make any mistake. 

If a field is marked *, you must fill it. If not, you may or may not fill it.

For example, Title, Gender, Surname, Date of Birth, DOB (Date of Birth verification), Country of Birth and Nationality are all COMPULSORY.

Other fields are optional and you may leave them empty (or fill it if you have it e.g Telephone number)

fill nin online pre enrolment form

Click on “Save Date & Proceed” under the form until you fill in all your details.

If you check carefully, you will see that Date of Birth is asked twice, that is to make sure there is no mistake.

If you enter the wrong date of birth, you will pay N15,000 to correct it.

correction of data

Also, make sure you use the right names (as they appear on your other documents e.g Surname (also called Last Name), First name, Middle name (also called Other Name).

Please, do not change your other name as this is the most common mistake among candidates. They want to use another “Other name” that they prefer, maybe because that one is “sweeter”.

If you do that, your names on Birth Certificate/Local Government of origin/WAEC result will be different from the one on your JAMB result.

That will lead to another issue during admission screening.

So, be sure to fill in every detail correctly.

After you fill in your personal details, save it and stop there.

Here’s My Personal Advice On Pre-Enrolment:

If you can follow the instructions above very well, you will not have any problem at all with pre-enrolment.

In fact, you will see everything you have filled on the pre-enrolment portal when you get there.

You will still have the option to edit it before final submission by the registration officer.

If you can do the pre-enrolment at home with your parents, it will be a good way to avoid any unnecessary mistake.

3. Completing The Registration Process

If you have done the pre-enrolment, proceed to any of the enrolment centres with your (BVN + One of the valid documents list here).

When you get there, tell them you have done pre-enrolment online.

The registration officer will ask for your username and password.

He/She will log into your account and complete the registration for you (i.e 10 fingers capture, face capture and other necessary things).

If you have not done the pre-enrolment, you can also walk into any of the enrolment centres with your (BVN + One of the valid documents list here), and everything will be done for you there.

  • First, the enrolment officer will check if you have enrolled before or not
  • You will be issued an enrolment form to fill (if you have not pre-enroled) – You can download the exact form and fill it at home before going by clicking here.
  • The information you fill will be crosschecked with the one on the supporting document to make sure there is no mistake.
  • The information on the form will be filled for you on the NIMC software.
  • The enrolment officer will ask you to double check the inputted information for errors using the applicant monitor.
  • If you are satisfied, the biometrics (ten finger prints and facial image) of the applicant will be captured.
  • Also, you supporting document will be scanned.

After completing the enrolment, a Transaction ID Slip will be issued to you as an evidence of the transaction.

Please, note that this Transaction ID is NOT your National Identification Number (NIN)

4. Get Your NIN For JAMB

You will be requested to come back for the NIN within 1-5 working days.

Go back the day you are told to and a slip will be given to you.

You will see your NIN in front of the slip.

Now, you will have 2 slips:

  • The first one is your transaction slip and does not contain your NIN. You will get this one on the same day you complete your registration
  • The second one is your NIN slip which contains your unique NIN. You will be asked to come back for this.

QUICK TIP: You can also check your NIN from your registered Phone number by dial *346#. It costs just N20.

Before I drop my pen on the topic, “how to get NIN for JAMB”, here are some important things you must know about the National Identification Number (NIN) today.

What You Should Know About Your NIN

  1. The National Identification Number (NIN) consists of 11 numbers randomly chosen and assigned to an individual at the completion of enrolment into the National Identity Database (NIDB).
  2. Once a NIN is assigned to an individual, it can never be reassigned, given or used by another person. It is unique to each individual.
  3. All citizens are eligible to get their NIN (irrespective of age) – but only those that are 16 years and above can get the National e-ID crd
  4. WARNING: Do not disclose your NIN to the public anyhow (e.g social media) except if requested at any official place for verification (e.g bank, airport)

Frequently Asked Questions On NIN For JAMB 2022

Is It Compulsory To Get NIN For JAMB Registration 2022?

Yes, it is very compulsory to get NIN before you can register for JAMB 2021/2022.

See the tweets by the official JAMB Twitter handle below.

jamb tweet on nin

Is It True That NIN For JAMB Has Been Postponed To 2022 By House Of Rep?

While it is true that the House of representative compelled JAMB to shift the development to 2022, this was not agreed by JAMB and so NIN will be used for 2022 JAMB UTME registration exercise.

Can I Use The Same NIN With My Brother/Sister/Friend?

No, your National Identification Number (NIN) is unique to you and you cannot use the same with your brother or sister or friend.

In order words, you each individual has to get his/her own unique NIN for JAMB registration.

When Is The Deadline For NIN Enrolment?

There is no deadline for NIN enrolment. However, you must get your NIN before JAMB registration closes. See JAMB registration 2021/2022 closing date here.

Can I Register For JAMB Using My Tracking ID?

No, you cannot use tracking ID or even transaction ID for JAMB registration. You can only use your National Identification Number (NIN).

I Have Collected My Slip, I Can’t Find My NIN

If you collect the first slip, that is just your Transaction ID and like I said earlier, it will not contain your NIN.

You will be instructed to come back for NIN after 1-5 working days, so it means you have to go back to get your actual NIN slip that contains your NIN.

Does *346# Work To Check NIN

If you have been encountering any problem checking your NIN with the USSD code, it may mean that your NIN is not ready yet or due to a network issue.

How Long Does It Take To Get NIN For JAMB?

You can complete the whole process in just a day and then go and collect your NIN on the day you are instructed to come by the enrolment officer.

I Am Not Up 16 Years Old yet, can I Get NIN?

Like I said before in the article, any citizen of Nigeria can apply and get NIN, irrespective of their age.

So, if you are not up to 16 yet, you can still register for NIN.

However, you will need your guardian to follow you with his/her ow valid identification card.

I hope I have been able able to answer all your questions. If you have any more question on how to get NIN for JAMB, feel free to use the comment section below.

If you found the article helpful, please share by using the share buttons below.

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  1. I don’t have a functional sim. I have my NIN already. How can I generate a profile code without a sim registered with my details?

    • You cannot get a profile code without SIM card, and do not use a SIM card that does not belong to you.Go and register your SIM card otherwise. Also, your SIM card doesn’t have to contain your details. As long as it is functional and you have access to it, you are good to go.

  2. I linked my nin number to my Airtel number and I received the message that I have successfully submitted the nin and that I will receive the message when nimc had finish to verify or update it but since then I never received any message…so my question is that can I generate my profile code without receiving the message that my nin has been validated?

    • I do not understand your question Abraham. You sent your NIN to your Airtel number or to 55019 through your Airtel number?

  3. I sent my nin to 55019 in order to get my profile code but it says “surname or first name is missing from nin details. Though the Sim card in mine but my mum used her name to register it for me.

  4. I have done my NiN showing all details correctly but when I sent my NiN number to 55019 they sent to me that my Surname/ Or first name is missing from my Nimc Details
    Please what do I Do?

  5. NIN is being delayed as some have registered for nin, jamb is about to close, what will they do ? How else can they get their e pin

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