Preparing for a certification exam takes time, most especially if you’re pursuing a top-tier accreditation like Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate. As a renowned certificate among experienced solutions architects, its corresponding test may not be as easy as you think. Therefore, you have to gear up and make necessary adjustments to your daily life and squeeze in extensive study sessions. To guide you, we’ve itemized the key steps for a successful certification path.

  • Get a glimpse of the certification details

First of all, Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate is suitable for solutions architects with a background in building vital AWS services. Through this program, you get to showcase your knowledge in drafting and deploying cost-efficient and scalable apps using various AWS features. It also imparts you with comprehension in outlining an effective solution that follows the industry protocols and the customer needs. Lastly, it authenticates your capabilities in implementing and managing core architectures throughout the project cycle.

  • Accomplish the recommended work experience

After knowing the elements of the certification, it’s time to assess whether or not your competence fits the prerequisites set by the vendor. It’s recommended that you are well-acquainted with handling storage, database, compute, and networking on AWS. Practical experience in AWS deployment of about one year is also a must, along with solid familiarity with AWS global infrastructure, security features, and architectural principles.

  • Gather the right training materials

If you’re already equipped with the experience, it’s time to gather different preparation resources, starting with the official exam guide recorded on the official site. This material should be used as your major reference when studying for SAA-C02, the corresponding exam for AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate. Other reliable tools to help you out are video tutorials available on YouTube and top-rated books listed on Amazon. Another option is to enroll in a classroom course and get trained by the experts. Exam-Labs

  • Load up your knowledge

Always remember that cramming should never be part of your certification journey, as well as an all-nighter. It’s because the questions covered in SAA-C02 are quite extensive, featuring crucial architectures needed in AWS services. The main domains involved here center around your architecture designing abilities. You must demonstrate your mastery in building resilient, cost-optimized, high-performing, and secure infrastructures as well as applications.

  • Evaluate your comprehension

After maximizing the chosen study materials, you shouldn’t be too complacent with your knowledge. Cap off your preparation by answering quizzes and practice tests from different sources. It’s a relevant step to add practice tests into your training to ensure readiness and completeness. This also helps in boosting your confidence so you easily answer the questions during the exam day.


Follow the key guidelines listed above and for sure you’ll be ready for your exam in no time. The certification path may require your time and effort. But there’s nothing to worry about because its paybacks are more than enough to keep you fascinated. So, make your commitment now and become a credible AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate soon!

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