Ruby Angela Saleh, elder sister of late Gokada CEO, Fahim Saleh has written an emotional tribute to him weeks after his death.

33-year-old Saleh was allegedly murdered at his New York apartment by his personal assistant with his head and limbs cut off on July 15.

Sharing the tribute on blogging Platform, Medium, Ruby details how she found out about his death.

‘On July 14th at 10:47 pm, my phone rang. I was in bed next to my husband and had just begun dozing off, but I answered because it was my aunt, calling from New York.

‘“I have some very bad news,” she said. She sounded spooked and was reluctant to divulge more, so I knew something really bad had happened to someone in my immediate family. My shoulders stiffened while the rest of my body went limp. Maybe one of my parents had COVID?

‘“What happened?“ I kept asking. “What happened?” I was having trouble drawing breath. I put the phone on speaker so my husband could listen.

‘“It’s very bad,” she said.

“Just tell me, Aunty. What happened?”

“Fahim isn’t with us anymore,” she said.’

Her first instinct was disbelief, she said.

“The funeral home called to report that it would not be possible to sew his limbs and head back onto his torso” Sister of Gokada CEO, Fahim Saleh, writes emotional tribute

She continued: ‘I dropped the phone and crawled onto the wooden floor, touching its cold, hard surface with the palms of my hands. I shook my head. “What are they saying?” I looked up at my husband. He was already crying as if he had accepted these words about my brother as truth. His crying didn’t make sense to me because this news couldn’t possibly be real.

‘I flew across the Atlantic to New York the next day. Internet headlines about my brother’s murder proliferated. “CEO Found Dismembered In Manhattan Apartment,” one read. “Cops In New York Find Headless, Limbless Man Next To Electric Saw” another explained. This was MY baby brother they were talking about. MY Fahim, whom, when I was eight years old, my parents brought home from the hospital to me in an orange fleece blanket.’

Read more of the emotional tribute here

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