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We all know how irritating it is to see ads popping out in every single page we open on the Web, they can be annoying and distracting most times especially if you have something important to do, but what if you are given a choice that might help turn them off, will you go for it?

Google has launched a new service that will keep your screen clean from ads, the service named  Contributor is a program that lets you contribute $1 to $3 a month for ads-free surfing on the web. Though Google as of now think of it as an experiment, it also serve as a means of generating income for the company.

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If we are to look from our own perspective, Google-owned ads via its AdSense program for publishers and advertisers is one of the major ads program on the web, this is another way for the firm to indirectly generate income from those that are not of part of its ad program. To be a contributor is quite easy, simply contact Google via email at to apply.


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