Goojara Review –How to Watch Movies Online with Goojara and Everything to Know About Goojara

You may not have heard of Goojara or read about it but undeniably, it’s one of the most trusted platforms for seamless streaming and download of movies, series, anime and other video contents. Goojara, a site which promises to bring thrilling entertainment to your fingertips, is one of such platforms you can use in place of Netflix for streaming your favourite movies.

This article clearly reviews Goojara with special attention on the advantages of using the streaming platform and how to watch movies on it.However, you should know that is now Watch & Download Movies, Series, Anime Online For Free all with

How Does Goojara Work?

Goojara works on the strength of several operators who are subscribers of reputable streaming platforms inclusive of Prime Video, Amazon and Netflix. Therefore, Goojara guarantees you premium contents by retrieving authentic contents from the aforementioned platforms and placing them on its own portal for you to enjoy seamlessly and without paying a dime.

The Benefits of Using Goojara

  1. Goojara categorizes its contents for users’ ease of searching. On Goojara, you can be sure of easily locating all the episodes of a particular movie. As you’re done streaming one episode of your favourite series or movie, it takes you just one click to begin streaming the next episode.
  2. Users request Goojara to supply contents which aren’t currently in its database. Goojara provides its users with a request section to which they can post their requests for unavailable contents. Unlike most other video streaming sites, Goojara is damn ready to help users with their requested videos. So, you shouldn’t get frustrated after failing to find your desired series or movie on Goojara. Just hit the appropriate Goojara section and tender your request.
  3. Goojara users can do other things while streaming movies on the site. Courtesy of Goojara’s PIP mode, anyone watching a video on the site can do other things. Provided you’ve activated the video player for a particular movie, you can always pause, resume or reset the movie video to its default mode while still performing other tasks on your phone or PC.
  4. The site is free to use for both streaming and downloading video contents such as anime, movies and series. As you would reckon, there are several streaming sites that charge you certain fees before you can stream or download their contents. While some of these sites offer free plans for streaming their contents, they restrict your access to a specific number or category of contents and subsequently request certain fees before you can have full access. But luckily, Goojara is here to give you unlimited access to exciting movies which you can watch or download without dropping a penny.

Steps to Watch Movies on Goojara

  • On your PC or mobile phone, open the Chrome browser and type to access the official website of Goojara
  • Locate your desired movie or video content. Common ways in which you can find content are using the site’s search widget and exploring the site’s various content categories
  • Once you have found your desired movie, hit the movie title or picture and wait for the video player to load
  • When the movie player has loaded, you can then hit the Video Play icon to begin watching the movie –it shouldn’t take much time for the movie to begin playing
  • As the movie is playing, Goojara offers you the chance to do something else without discontinuing the video player.
  • To do this, activate PIP (picture-in-picture) mode by tapping the three round marks at the right-hand side of the bottom of the video player.
  • Then, choose the option Picture-in-picture


We hope this honest review has shown you what Goojara is and convinced you about its reliability for streaming your favourite movies. If you’ve been looking for a substitute to Netflix or Prime Video, giving Goojara a try wouldn’t be a mistake.

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