Previously known as Aboki Africa, is an online platform for currency exchange involving such currencies as the euro, US dollar, the British pound and the Nigerian naira. Lots of Nigerians can count on the exchange platform for converting euro/dollar/pound, etc. to naira and vice versa.

Asides functioning as a currency converter, works as a platform for individuals to open international bank accounts that they can use for fund transfers to any destination across the world. This way, lets its customers have international bank account numbers (IBANs) for carrying out various cross-border transactions.

Summarily, is an online medium for converting currencies, receiving (international) payments and transferring funds.

Steps to Sign up for

It’s pretty easy for anyone to open a account through the simple registration steps below:

  • To land on the homepage of, click the link here
  • Explore the main menu of the homepage
  • Click the Get Started option
  • After that, a signup page will appear
  • Fill your details –name, email address and phone number –into the provided fields
  • Then, click the blue-colored Create your account button
  • Following that, an email message will be sent to your inbox. Ensure you sign in to your email account to confirm the message
  • Now that you must have successfully created a account, you can get started with the platform, You only have to log in to the account by supplying your email address and your password

Steps to Open a Virtual Account

The virtual (global) bank account lets you access what offers in terms of currency conversion and international fund transfer. Here are the steps for opening a virtual account:

  • On the homepage of, scroll to main menu and click it
  • Select the Virtual Account option
  • Then, make a request for the virtual account by clicking Request Account

Steps to Fund Your Virtual Account from Payoneer

If you hold a Payoneer account, you can easily link it to virtual (foreign) account in order to fund the latter. Here’s how to do that.

  • Sign in to your virtual foreign account
  • To fund the account from Payoneer, simply add the account to Payoneer

Steps to Withdraw Funds from lets you withdraw funds in various currencies and quite interestingly, the platform guarantees quick withdrawal. To withdraw your fund from the platform, you’ll have to specify the withdrawal currency and provide your bank details.

Is a Scam?

There is no user review or random online post to substantiate that is a fraudulent currency conversion or cross-border fund transfer platform. Besides that, is a platform licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). From the little information gathered about the platform, we believe that it is safe for currency conversion and fund transfer purposes.


From this brief review of, we hope you you’ve gathered enough information about the online currency exchange platform. If you however need to learn more about, you may ask questions in the comment section below.

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