Winning Hackathon Ideas You Need In 2020

hackathon ideas

Discover free Hackathon Ideas for healthcare, education, and hackathon ideas for Cloud:

Hackathon, just like an important event, it is usually done every year, and what counts is your Hackathon ideas.

A Hackathon is actually an event where people come together to solve problems that we see in our environments.

The participants of a Hackathon are usually programmers, but in recent times it is no longer restricted to programmers, in fact, graphic designers are even allowed to participate in Hackathons.

The most important thing is your Hackathon idea if your idea isn’t worth it, then sorry you can’t win, and that is why there has been a huge increase in the search for Hackathon ideas on the internet.

But why do you need these ideas, I mean it’s not as important is it?

Let’s consider that:

Hackathon Ideas

Why You Need The Best HACKATHON IDEAS:

You need good Hackathon ideas because in the real world what really matters is the idea you put before the table.

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Take, for example, Facebook it’s a nice app but what makes people invest in it is simply the fact that they saw a potential behind the idea Zuckerberg had on Facebook.

That’s the same thing here, the prize for the Hackathon is cash, hard-earned cash, so you need the best hackathon ideas so you can crush it in the competition.

Let’s look at some winning Hackathon ideas.

There are many categories of problems you can solve in Hackathons so you’d have to pick one.

Education hackathon ideas

Education Hackathon ideas

(A) You can build a course and university finder :

There are lots of universities and courses out there, and students find it hard to find the perfect course and the best university to study these courses.

So what if you build an app that shows different universities and the courses they offer, you can make it fo some amazing filtering stuff where you can filter through the universities that offer the course the user has in mind to study, and there can be reviews from previous students on how the course is taught in their school

You can take it a step further and rank schools with the highest review at the top, you can show the admission process of getting into the school inside this app and you’ll get a lot of users as there are lots of people out there who find it hard to find the right university.

This will make a good Hackathon idea of many Hackathon ideas

(B)  Smart Tutors:

Even if some people don’t find it hard getting into and finding a suitable school, they may find it hard when they are already in school.

You know schools can be very unpredictable, you feel it’s easy from the outside but when you get in you know it’s hell.

If you’re a student you may want to scratch your own itch here, you can build an app that can act as a smart tutor, in other words, it teaches you in the areas of your study you have problems

If you don’t understand a topic, step by step it guides you till you gain mastery in it.

The app may not just be for university students but also for pre kg, where it can spellings and learning new words.

It can be a very interactive way of learning and people will love it as it’s better than the traditional method of learning.

(C) Scheduling app for College studies

Personally, one of the problems I face in school is scheduling my time and giving the right amount of time to the right activities, you can build an app that solves this problem.

The app should be really smart and should be able to sync in with all of your activities, like reading and assignments or projects you are asked to build.

If you can build something like this and add a few features like reminders and blocking chat apps and games when study time is near,

You can help students study more and get better grades, another great Hackathon idea of many Hackathon ideas.

2. Health Sector:

You can build apps for the Health Sector, that can facilitate health solutions.

Build a Virtual Health Assistant:

You can build an app that can take the symptoms of a person and analyze based on the right data, the Possible cause of symptoms.

Doing this will make the user know exactly what to treat without having to meet a doctor, waiting for hours.

You can take this a step up and sync the data with the user’s smartwatch data

If he’s tracking his calories, and weight loss, you can then send notifications on foods or fruits that can be taken to burn more calories.

You can also get the pulse data from the smartwatch and use that data to analyze the user’s heartbeat if it’s in good condition.

The app can be synchronized with hospitals in the area or even the user’s personal / family doctor In case of an emergency.

These are great Hackathon ideas that you can use to win the Hackathon in your area, you just need the right idea and the skills to implement them…..  and fingers crossed you may win it in 2020, and beyond!

Have any other good Hackathon idea of many Hackathon ideas to share with us? Leave it in the comment section below.

If you have questions regarding how you can find the right team for your Hackathon ideas, you can leave a comment below, anyone who needs a team member can contact you.


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