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To login to your Handypick account, kindly click here now to visit. Within its mobile app, HandyPick offers such features as referral bonus, community activity and game participation through which users earn Handy tokens.

Prettily, HandyPick is a service that removes the need for investment while still helping you to earn cryptocurrencies. If you can make good use of the HandyPick app, you stand a good chance of receiving Handy tokens without giving up a dime. Put simply, HandyPick is a great way you can earn free tokens through prediction games.

One of the downsides about HandyPick, however, is that you must have earned as many as 1,000 tokens before you can make a withdrawal. Some of the ways you can quickly hit the withdrawal threshold are referring people to HandyPick and devoting ample time to playing the prediction games. Another downside is that the Handy token is not yet a valuable cryptocurrency in the market. Its value is currently estimated at 0.09 USDT. Nevertheless, you can easily sell/buy Handy tokens on the Hotbit exchange.

How to Register with HandyPick

Signing up for HandyPick is damn easy, courtesy of the user-oriented HandyPick mobile app. To register with HandyPick, follow the sign-up instructions below:

  • Visit Google Play Store  Here and input “HandyPick” in the search widget. Alternatively click here now to visit
  • From the emerging search results, select the option with the HandyPick icon
  • Download and install HandyPick
  • After successful installation, launch the app
  • Within the app, switch down to the lower left-hand side and tap the profile icon
  • For the sign-up, you’ll be required to either use your e-mail address or provide your social media login details. Your e-mail address is likely the preferable sign-up route
  • Having had successful HandyPick registration, you’re entitled to 100 Handy tokens as a sign-up bonus.  Provided you use this referal code ( 33WWMH).
  • Both you and your referee will receive free  100 handy worth 6.24$ Meanwhile, the registration also avails you the chance to earn the referral bonus of 10 Handy tokens. To earn this bonus (during your registration), you’ll find a screen that lets you input a referral code.

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