Nothing beats the excitement of watching your favorite TV shows and movies from the comfort of your smartphone. However, you’ll find it much more exciting to have a medium that lets you watch the shows and movies without paying a dime.

There are a couple of amazing subscription-based video streaming networks out there which let you stream your favorite movies and TV series. But it’s very possible that you just can’t afford the charges associated with the streaming offered by these networks. In that regard, you may want to find out the cost-free alternatives to these paid-for streaming services.

If you’d like to experience all the offers that come with Hotstar without having to cough up a single penny, Hotstar Mod APK is all you need. Additionally, you might also consider trying out Play test cloud.  Without them, it’s  technically difficult to check if your application is  functioning efficiently. Playtest Cloud is an application that gives you a chance to test your game with real time active individuals from everywhere throughout the globe and  at the same time get criticism about how the player is encountering your game.

In this post, you’ll learn more about Hotstar Mod APK. For the most part, we’ll show you the amazing features of the APK app as well as the easy steps for installing it on your smartphone.

How Does Hotstar Work?

Hotstar works as a content streaming resource which offers the kind of service that we experience with Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and similar networks. It is a widely available video-streaming service with more than 300 million users.

Just like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, Hotstar doesn’t come free of charge. It is a subscription-based service, meaning that people pay certain fees to stream its movies and shows.

Meanwhile, the incredible streaming network has been lauded for its wide-ranging service that allows users to stream sports and live TV channels, truckloads of newly released movies and tons of popular TV shows.

Why Do You Need Hotstar Mod APK?

It’s beyond denying that Hotstar Mod APK is the most excellent way to enjoy all of (original) Hotstar’s features at no cost. If you just can’t afford paying to use Hotstar for the streaming of your favorite Indian movies, this mod version of the app is all you should think of.

Hotstar Mod APK is free to use and as a plus, it will guarantee you access to all of Hotstar’s premium features. If you’re conversant with what APKs are, you’ll quickly agree that Hotstar Mod APK is just the perfect substitute for the paid-for Hotstar version.

What Are the Features of Hotstar Mod APK?

Ad-free streaming

Ads popping up here and there are more likely to alloy your streaming pleasure. But with Hotstar Mod APK, you’re pretty sure of an ad-free streaming experience. While you won’t be charged a dime for this ad-free experience, nothing beats the excitement that comes with ad-free streaming.

Zero login requirement

Account sign-up, sign-in or any other relevant procedure is not required for users of the Hotstar Mod APK. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the APK, you can launch the (APK version of the) app and begin streaming your favorite Hotstar contents.

Multiple content genres

With Hotstar Mod APK at your fingertips, you can imagine the excitement of content streaming across various genres including crime, horror, comedy and thriller. If you find it boring when restricted to a single content genre, Hotstar Mod APK is probably one of your best options for an experience of multi-genre steaming.

Multi-language support

Hotstar Mod APK makes it possible for you to stream its contents –movies and TV shows –in different languages including, but not limited to, Hindi, Spanish and English. As an English speaker who wants to follow their favorite Hindi show in English, this multi-language support feature is all you need.

Unlimited streaming

There isn’t any cap on the number of movies or shows you can stream while using Hotstar Mod APK. Your streaming duration will not be restricted whatsoever. Interestingly, take advantage of this unlimited streaming to watch a whole lot of shows and movies of your desire.

VIP and Premium unlocked

With the aid of Hotstar Mod APK, you’re guaranteed free access to all of Hotstar’s premium offerings. Both VIP and premium features are free to access, thanks to the amazing capability of this mod version. Despite that these (VIP and premium) features are coming for free, you’ll still get to enjoy them in the quality offered by the original version of Hotstar.

Download and watch later

This feature proves very handy especially when your Internet connection isn’t strong enough (for seamless streaming). You’ll also find it suitable if you’d have your favorite TV show downloaded rather than streamed online. Of course, your downloaded content can be watched anytime and anywhere using this mod version of Hotstar.

Adjustable streaming resolution

Largely, Hotstar Mod APK allows for pleasurable streaming. One of the pointers to the latter claim is the app’s support of higher resolution options including 420p, 720p, HD and 1080p. If you feel the default resolution doesn’t fit your kind of smartphone, you’re free to switch to a better resolution.

Availability of subtitles

If you want to stream a movie that isn’t available in your native language, you can opt to have it subtitled in a language that you understand. Hotstar Mod APK offers subtitles in various languages, making it convenient for users to stream movies released in foreign languages.

3D graphics

Courtesy of its support of 3D graphics, Hotstar Mod APK offers an awesome viewing experience. The laudable graphics combine with certain other features to give users of this mod version an incredible viewing experience while streaming movies and shows.

Steps to Install Hotstar Mod APK

To be able to install Hotstar Mod APK on your Android device, you first have to download the APK file from the link here. After the download, follow the steps below to have it installed:

  • Head over to your phone’s settings Navigate to the security section and activate the Unknown Sources option (Before doing this, ensure you don’t have the original Hotstar app installed on your phone. If otherwise, you’ll have to uninstall the app before proceeding to the installation of Hotstar Mod APK)
  • Now, you should explore your phone’s file manager
  • Locate the downloads folder and open it
  • Select the Mod APK of Hotstar once you find it. Doing this will prompt an install button that you should click in order to have Hotstar Mod APK installed on your device
  • After the installation, you’re free to launch Hotstar Mod APK on your Android phone and start using it to stream movies and shows

Two Major Downsides about Hotstar Mod APK

Some Download Links for Hotstar Mod APK Are Not Safe

Not all the websites out there with APK download links are safe to use. If you aren’t so sure that you’ll get a valid download link from a random website, we recommend that you use the download link provided earlier.

Hotstar Mod APK is Illegal

Hotstar Mod APK is the third-party variant of the original Hotstar video streaming app which adopts a subscription-based system.

Unlike the original app, the APK (app) is absolutely free to use. But the downside here is that since it wasn’t built by the developer of the original Hotstar, this mod version is therefore an illegal app.

List of TV Channels You Can Stream on Hotstar Mod APK

We mentioned earlier that the mod version of Hotstar further allows its users to stream live TV channels. Here are some of the popular TV channels you can stream using Hotstar Mod APK:

  • Star Jalsha
  • Star Bharat
  • HBO
  • TeaTV
  • Star Vijay
  • Star Movies
  • Star Plus
  • HBO
  • Star Survana
  • Nat Geo
  • Asianet


Hotstar Mod APK boasts a good number of features which make it the perfect alternative to the paid-for Hotstar application. Ranging from diverse movie genres down to lots of free quality movies and TV shows, the offerings of Hotstar Mod APK are things most users of streaming services would crave to enjoy.

Lastly, we advise that you stick with the provided download link for Hotstar Mod APK so that you can successfully install the APK file.




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