Courtesy of sponsorships from globally acclaimed brands as well as numerous startup companies, the future of soccer doesn’t seem bleak whatsoever. Interestingly, this future will only seem better with the help of startups which have made dramatic waves regarding the sponsorship of soccer-related activities.

Meanwhile, soccer startups have the additional responsibility of championing activities and/or causes which better promote footballers’ athletic wellbeing, foster supporters’ engagement and boost the revenue bases of football clubs. To this effect, this article sheds light on how soccer startups can change the future of soccer. Notably, the “change” emphasized herein is a call for the startups to further bring improvement to the future of soccer.

Promotion of Fan Engagement

Soccer startups have a fairly large number of ways by which they can improve soccer and one great way is bridging the gap between football teams and their fans. InCrowd, a sports startup founded in 2015, is known for having utilized cross-platform gamification, digital collaborations and software applications in fostering the relationships between sports teams and their supporters.

If several other soccer startups can toe the path of InCrowd, many more soccer teams will maintain better engagement with their fans, hence maximizing their fans’ experience and better keeping them updated with relevant happenings via live interactions and other modes of engagement.

Production of Nutritional Products for Soccer Athletes

Soccer is undoubtedly one of the sports which demand adequate nutritional performance from athletes. As such, soccer startups can help footballers enhance their nutritional lives by producing more energizing drinks. Believed to have promoted soccer in this regard, Tribe is one popular London startup with the production of protein shakes and hydration drinks which help footballers fuel their athletic capabilities.

Similarly, FitnessGenes, another London sports startup, helps athletes and even individuals ascertain the diets and nutritional plans which best agree with their bodies. Courtesy of the grants received from British universities, Microsoft and the UK government, FitnessGenes has been able to commit sufficient funds to the analysis of athletes’ genetic compositions in order to ascertain the nutritional plans best suited for the athletes’ varying ages and physiology.

Integration of Sports with Software Technology

Startups have one major role of incorporating more of software technology into soccer. Although yet to be realized by some startups, integrating sports with software technology is a way for companies to help athletes develop themselves in the areas of health and fitness. For instance,, a UK startup established in 2012, is known to have developed some of the most notable fitness apps inclusive of 7-minute Workout, Heart Rate Monitor, several Yoga apps, Calorie Counter Plus and Moves Tracker.

Of course, startups can take the advantage of creating more relevant apps which could serve as effective facilities for footballers to monitor their fitness levels while on the go, schedule workouts and even find out the suitable diets for their athletic needs.

Creation of Content for Supporters of Soccer Teams

Several other soccer startups can follow in the footsteps of Copa90, a startup company concerned with the production of sports-related content for sports lovers across the globe. There’s no need stressing that there are soccer fans spread across every cranny and nook of the world. As such, startups can elevate the position of soccer by connecting with the fans of different football clubs and demanding to create customized content relevant to their brands, organizations or companies. Doing this will not only draw the attention of world’s leading brands (such as Adidas, UEFA and Nike) to the startups but also, it will encourage soccer fans to show a sense of appreciation by maintaining better engagement with their favourite football clubs.


Since soccer doesn’t seem to be grappling with any indications of future disaster, soccer startups mainly have the responsibility of improving its future by engaging in sponsorships and partnering with major brands inclusive of Pepsi, Adidas, Budweiser, Nike, etc., in the event of promoting soccer-related efforts.


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