How Colour Scheme Affect Social Media Engagement?


Our brains are so tuned to see color that we do not even notice them anymore. Red, green, blue, yellow… we know these colors exist, but our brains do not proactively spot them by the name. But what importance do these colors play in our lives? Especially in our social media lives. 

The color scheme is a combination of colors, used with a few design-disciplines in mind, to create some symmetry in graphic design. Be it online designs, or offline, color scenes play an essential role in helping pick the right pallet. 
Two colors used on a poster for social media must complement each other to form a meaningful design. We have seen these patterns all around us but might have noticed the intricacies of it. 
To explain this better, let’s take a lay-persons example. If you were to take white-paper and write on it with a light share of yellow — the writing will hardly be legible. This difficulty in reading is because the two colors do not comply with one another. 
The detailed utility of this principle is the basis of color schemes. By combining two or more different colors, we can create endless palettes. These are used in all forms of designs like social media posers, websites, wedding invitations, etc. 
Using color theory or color psychology — we can invoke certain emotions and moods from each design. For a relatable example, consider a back-and-while photo. Your brain automatically associates it with an ancient time or a rustic setting. These pre-defined triggers are the foundation of color schemes. 
Suppose you were to take the example of a simple slideshow. Why are pre-made templates and themes more attractive when compared to those made from scratch? The pre-made temples use colors that all work-well-together. 
Advantages of the Right Colour Scheme. 
Having the right set of colors can enforce the messaging and the image of your brand. The iconic golden arches automatically paint a portrait of McDonald’s. In the same way, the use of the right color can help associate your brand with users. 
For example, if you use a similar color scheme across all posts and images on social media, then your brand reach and recognition are said to increase by 80%. This change is because the brain automatically associates specific colors in your posts to your company. 
Here is a fun fact: Instagram photos with a dominant blue color generate 24% more likes than images with a red-dominance. This magic has to do with the interface of Instagram. Since blue is a more muted colors, it’s easier to relate to, and it’s further away from the color of the Instagram logo. 
When you have unusual colors on your posts, people will simply scroll past. This color-difference will inevitably provide minimal traction to your social media efforts. 
Basics Of Colour Schemes. 
Trying to figure out a color combination can be daunting for someone who zeroes knowledge of design. However, the internet is flooded with patterns and platelets that you can quickly adapt and use. If you were to open a color-wheel on any editing application, you would spot most of the schemes we discuss below: 
For example, a monochrome pattern uses a singular color across various tones and shades. A complementary color scheme is one where colors are used on the opposite side of the spectrum, to provide balance. 
An analogy scheme is where colors very close to each other are used to provide a uniform design. 
The primary guideline for picking the colors is that they remain balanced with each other. If a poster uses only pastel color, it will not look dull (although it’s made from pale colors), because all the colors work beautifully together. 
Basics Of Colours Use For Social Media. 
While this hard to learn or master, there are a few simple rules-of-thumb that can help you at the start. You will better understand this with time and design practice. Here are a few widely used colors and the emotion they derive. 
Yellow is said to be a youthful color. Often seen in malls as a way to grab attention and pass on a message. Brands like Best-Buy, Nikon, IMDB, Subway, and Ferrari have all used this color for the same reason. 
 Red is the king of marketing and social media promos. The colors red can provide a sense of urgency and show the need to take action. This color pulls the heart higher, thus utilized to make loud-announcements. This is the reason why boards of SALE, CLEARANCE, and SOLD-OUT are red. 
As mentioned earlier, Blue provides a sense of trust and security. It is a neutral color and is perfect for engaging in conversations. Ever wonder why top social media platforms (Facebook and Twitter) use Blue as a primary color? The blue color is ideal for a business that is looking for genre leads. 
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The color Green associated with two emotions — which are comfort and freedom. Brands like WholeFoods, Animal Planet, Tropicana, Starbucks — all these sell an idea of wellness, health, or food and have the color Green as a primary. 
Contrary to popular belief, the brain does not correlate black with mourning. While that is dedicated to a particular occasion, Back in marketing is associated with luxury or premium offerings. If you are running posts that cater to a premium clientele, the color black will definitely draw eyeballs. 
Other colors have a more muted emotional tone. For example, Pink is associated with romance and Orange with friendly nature. There is no defined proof for using a particular color to trigger a specific emotion, but this a framework to operate. 
Key Takeaways, 
A single article is not sufficient to thoroughly understand the use of colors. Designers take years to master this art. You can depend on online tools to find the perfect schemes and use them in your posters and videos.


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