An account number is one of the details of a bank account. In fact, it is considered the most important detail (of a bank account) as providing only the account number could be enough for making international payments.

Broadly, the account number is a 10-digit number that banks issue to customers following account registration.

A bank account number is so important that some bank customers make the effort of committing theirs to memory. In Nigeria, you can find lots of bank customers who can easily reel out their bank account numbers from memory. However, this might not be the case for some bank customers holding several accounts with various banks.

If you bank with Access Bank and belong to the category of Nigerian bank customers with several bank accounts, you may want to find out some easy ways of retrieving your bank account number on phone.

Helpfully, this post will show you three easy methods through which you can check your Access Bank account number on phone.


How to Check Your Access Bank Account Number on Phone

The first (and most likely the easiest) way of checking your Access Bank account number is via dialing a USSD code. Since this USSD code method is the simplest, it’s advisable that you try it in the event of checking your account number. But if it doesn’t work as expected, you should try any of the other methods that will be provided later in this post.

To check your Access Bank account number using the USSD code, dial *901# on your mobile phone. Make sure you’re dialing the code from the SIM card connected to your account number: this is the SIM card with which you receive debit/credit alerts from Access Bank.

After dialing the code, you’ll find a menu of options. From these options, select “other services” by replying with 4. Subsequently, select “enquiry services” by replying with 4. Finally, select “account number enquiry” by replying with 3 in order to fetch your Access Bank account number.

In as much as you’ve followed the preceding instructions, you’re certain to find your account number clearly displayed on the screen of your mobile phone.

How to Check Your Access Bank Account Number via Your Account Balance

This, just like the first method, is another easy way by which you can fetch your Access Bank account number very quickly.

To do that, dial *901# using the mobile number with which you receive Access Bank debit/credit alerts. From the options that emerge, choose “balance enquiry”. Provide your 4-digit authentication PIN as required. Having done that, you’ll be shown your account balance as well as your 10-digit Access Bank account number.


Checking Your Account Number via Access Mobile App

The Access Bank mobile app is another great way you can fetch your account number on your phone. Undeniably, this method is only suited for people with smartphones. If you’d like to check your account number this way, simply log in to your Access Bank mobile app and toggle to your account dashboard within the app.



We hope this post has successfully walked you through an easy way of retrieving your Access Bank account number.

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