Opera News is a news app that delivers a variety of trending news and entertaining videos. Opera News app saves your data and time to search for the latest news. If you are looking for the top news on politics, entertainment, finance, economy,  business, technology, science, sports, travel, and fashion, then Opera News is the place to get it.

Back to the main topic – how you can add your website or blog to opera news? You must have been seeing a lot of sites you know of in Opera News, and you intend to add yours.

There is currently no application link to adding your blog to Opera News. Application for submission of your blog or website to opera news can only be done via email. You will need to write to them stating that you want to add your site to Opera News.

Your site will be reviewed and you’ll get a reply if it is deemed to be on Opera News. I wrote to this email: jbrandon@opera.com and got a reply after three days.
With Opera News, your site can gain more popularity with increasing traffic. Now that you have known how to add your blog or website to Opera News, won’t you share it with others?

October 2018 update

If you want to add your website or blog to Opera News, the email is newsfeed-requests@opera.com.

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