How to Apply for Russian Tourist, Visit or Business visa in Nigeria: Step by Step


Getting a visa might be difficult as a result of various factors like age, previous immigration records, social ties, and economic ties. you’ll have to get a consultant to scale through. there are many consultation services to help you in making a successful application. Like we said, we are your go to blog for anything concerning travels and visas.

Below is a list of the steps you’ll have to follow:


1.  Get a call for participation letter

Get a call for participation letter that supports your reason for visiting Russia. It should state your relationship with the host. And your entry and exit dates. within the case of tourism, a tour voucher is valid.

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2.  Collect the Necessary documents

Compile all the aforementioned supporting documents and make copies of those documents.

3.  Fill the visa form

Fill your form, then print it out. After printing, sign and add your recent passport photograph.

4. Submit documents/attend an interview

Submit all the documents to the Russian embassy in Abuja. you are required to pay the visa fee within the embassy. you’ll be involved in an interview or could also be asked to submit a couple of other documents. So, be prepared for this.

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5. Collect passport

After you submit the required documents, you’ll be directed to return to the embassy on a given day. On a required day, you’ll return to the embassy to get the decision of your visa application.

Russia Tourist, Visit or Business Visa time interval

It takes 4-20 days to process visa applications. In situations that need urgency, you’ll have to pay the express fee and have your application processed in only 3 days.

How much is the Russian visa fee in Nigerian Naira?

The cost of applying for Russian tourist, visit or business visa in Nigeria varies consistent with your needs. We cannot write a particular amount. Check with the Russian embassy in Nigeria and confirm.

Where is the Russian embassy in Nigeria?

The Russian embassy contact information in Nigeria:

Abuja: Russian Embassy in Nigeria, Plot 1119, Constitution Avenue, Central downtown, Abuja; Email:


One of the tips for a successful visa application is adherence to the visa rules. you ought to follow the steps within the guide to use for Russia tourist, visit, or business visa in Nigeria. And get in touch with the Russian Embassy in Nigeria for more information.

We hope we have been able to get some valuable information from us! See you next post where we would be listing out the documents you will need to apply for the Russian visa.

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