How to Block Certain Apps from Being Downloaded on Android?

It can be hard to protect our kids from harmful and unwanted apps. Unfortunately, kids can easily download apps from Google Play Store and App Store without any restrictions or filters. They can even download an application from other sources on the internet. 

This can be worrisome for parents. The good news is that you can use third-party security apps to make sure your kids stay away from harmful apps. mSpy customer service is one of these apps that helps you in blocking apps on Android. 

What Types of Apps Should You Block?

Some ground rules are common for children of every household. Similarly, certain apps should be unallowed to every child. Some of these unsuitable apps include:

  • Dating Apps: No one wants their little kid dating, let alone using a dating app. 
  • Applications for Gambling: Gambling isn’t even suitable for most adults, let alone children.
  • Shady Messenger Applications: With the dawn of social media apps, messenger apps have taken the internet by storm. A lot of these applications, however, are unsuitable for use by children and should be blocked.
  • Entertainment Apps Maybe: If your child is falling behind on their homework and chores or you feel they have gotten more aggressive under the influence of a particular game, it is a good idea to block it. 

These are just a few examples. Every parent has different needs and ideas of what is harmful. If you’re wondering how to block certain apps on Android, you’re in luck. We will discuss all the ways that you can employ to protect your child from the apps you think are not suitable for your kids.

What are Different Ways of Blocking Apps on Android?

There are different ways you can ensure that your child is not able to use an unwanted application, such as:

  • Google Play Store

You can use parental controls in Google Play Settings to block apps on Android. It allows you to select what age-range games you think are appropriate for your child. But Play Store has some limitations on what it can limit. If an app is already downloaded on your device, play store, sadly, cannot block it. 

  • Google Play Family Link

You can use Google Play Family Link to monitor your child’s digital activity. For this, however, you need to install and set up the parental version of this app on your device and the children’s version on your child’s phone. This app lets you monitor your child’s activity as well as limit the kind of apps that can be downloaded from the Play Store. But the problem of how to block apps on Android that have already been downloaded persists. 

  • Spy Apps 

An effective method to have control over which applications are visible to your kids and which are not is to use spying apps. Spy apps are easy to use. You can not only monitor the activity of your child on their smartphone but also block certain unwanted apps. And unlike the above options, you can use these apps to even block downloaded apps, truly making it a one-place solution for all your problems.

After testing out several spy apps, we concluded that mSpy provides the best value for money. Let’s see how this app can help you keep your kids safe.

How To Block Apps on Android Phone Remotely?

If you have already installed mSpy on your monitoring and target devices, you can just follow a few simple steps to block unwanted Android apps.

Step 1 – Start mSpy and go to the section of the menu that says Restricted. Here you will see another option called Block Applications. Tap this option.

Step 2 – mSpy will show you the list of all downloaded apps on your kid’s phone. From here, you can easily block the apps you think are unsuitable for your child. 

This way, you can easily block even the downloaded apps on your child’s phone. This can come in handy when you are only temporarily blocking apps so your child can focus on their work.

Other Useful mSpy Features for Parents

Now that you know how to block apps on an Android phone using mSpy let’s have a look at some of its more features. In addition to being able to block apps, parents can use mSpy to ensure their child’s well-being and security by several other means as well. 

mSpy comes with a variety of useful features, such as:

  • Browser History: You can monitor the browser history on your kid’s phone to make sure they don’t stumble on unwanted websites.
  • Record Screen: You can use mSpy to record the screen of your child’s phone to see which applications they are using and when.
  • GPS Location: With mSpy, you can track the location of the target device any time you want. 
  • Network History: mSpy also allows parents to see the history of Wi-fi networks that their child’s device was connected to. This way, parents can see what places their kids might be visiting.
  • Social Media Apps: mSpy also allows you to access all social media apps of your kid.


Your child’s security is not an easy feat to achieve. mSpy is here to lend a hand to all the hard-working parents to ensure their child is safe from unwanted content on the internet. 

You can use mSpy to block any apps on your kid’s phone. It can help you make sure that they are not wasting their time or involving themselves in harmful activities.

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