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How to completely disable Pinterest Rich Pins on your website


How to disable Pinterest Rich Pins

Pinterest sometime ago introduced Rich Pins, which allow developers and website owners to show their pins in a more intuitive way on Pinterest platform. With Rich Pins, site owners can embed more details into contents being shared on Pinterest. It worked much like Google Snippet for Google Search.

Six types of Rich Pins were initially introduced but two were later discontinued. The currently available Rich Pins are Article, Product, App Install, and Recipe. Enabling Rich Pins is quite easy, especially if you have structured data or open graph enabled for your website. However, I’m not here to show you how to enable Pinterest Rich Pins but how to disable it.

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You may ask, why do you need to disable it? The first and foremost reason why you may consider disabling Pinterest Rich Pins is if you have a structured data mark up or open graph meta tags that are not properly set up. Rich Pins was made to show a glimpse of what the content is all about, if it is not properly set up, Pinterest may end up scrapping the wrong end of your content. For instance, most webmasters do complained about wrong featured image showing up on their Rich Pins.

Pinterest Article Rich Pins
Pinterest Article Rich Pin

Incorrect structured data parameters can also cause more harm than good. Pinterest showing the whole article of a web page instead of the meta description is a normal scenario of improperly Rich Pins set up, which may affect the click through rate. Also, some content management system (like blogger) are so limited and it is often difficult to properly set up their structured data.

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If you fall into any of these categories, you may want to consider disabling it.

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Thankfully, Pinterest provide a way to permanently disabled rich pins on any website. A single line of code will need to be placed at the header of the site template.

How to disable Pinterest Rich Pins on Blogger/Blogspot website

  • Go to Theme -> Edit HTML
  • Press CTRL F on your keyboard and insert into the search box, then press the enter key to search
  • Right below the head tag insert this code
  • Click the “Save” button

How to disable Pinterest Rich Pins on WordPress

WordPress users will need to download and install this plugin, then insert this piece of code into the appropriate box.

That’s all.

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