How to Connect your DSTV Decoder to your Android Device


How to Connect your DSTV Decoder to your Android Device

Do you want to connect your DSTV Decoder to your android device? here is a complete guide on how to do that . Being able to connect your DSTV decoder to your Android device, has a lot of merits . When your DSTV is connected to your Android device, you would be able to keep up with your favorite DSTV  channels and programs, without being glued to your TV all day long.

As an added advantage, the DSTV Now platform was developed, a platform that lets DSTV users a pair their Android devices to their DSTV decoders, as well as gadgets running other supported operating systems. In this article, we explore a comprehensive tutorial on how to connect your DSTV decoders to your Android device using DSTV Now.

How to Connect your DSTV Decoder to your Android Device

Note: Before you are go-ahead to connect your DSTV Decoder to your Android device, there are some sacrosanct requirements that must be met. These requirements are listed below

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  • Active DSTV subscription
  • DSTV Now App
  • Android Device ( Smartphone or Tablet)

After you have met the requirements listed above, you can now proceed to connect your DSTV decoder, using the comprehensive steps listed below:

  1. Download the DSTV Now app
  2. Register Signup on the DSTV Now platform
  3. Insert your smart card number

After you might have successfully completed these already listed steps, the next step for you is to begin streaming. After you have successfully registered on the Dstv Now platform and inserting your smart card number, you will be provided access to all the channels you subscribed on your DSTV decoder.

The DSTV Now the app has a reminder feature, that syncs up with the reminder app on your phone, providing you an accurate reminder when the program begins. The DSTV Now app also has a kid access feature that lets you set a pin on certain channels, that contain content you do not want your kids to watch.

There you have it – a comprehensive tutorial on how to connect your DSTV Decoder to your Android device.

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