If you’re conversant enough with cryptocurrencies, you shouldn’t find it disputable that Bitcoin is the world’s leading cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization and user base. 

Beyond the preceding assertion on Bitcoin’s popularity, this very post is intended to guide you on how to create and fund a Bitcoin wallet in Nigeria. Additionally, the post will show you the easy steps for buying Bitcoin on Quidax. 

Step-by-Step Guide for Creating a Bitcoin Wallet on Quidax

In creating a Bitcoin wallet on Quidax, you’ll have to undergo three steps. Notably, the first step involves signing up for a Quidax account, the second step entails account verification while the third step requires you to locate your bitcoin address. 

Step I

  • Visit Quidax through the link here
  • Navigate to the top right-hand corner of the Quidax homepage and tap the Get Started or Create Account option you find there
  • Supply your details as required –ensure you correctly fill in your phone number and your email address as you’ll have to verify your account afterwards
  • Then, hit the Create Account button 

Step II

  • To verify your account, hit the button indicating Continue to your account
  • Head to your email for the account verification
  • Upload the required credentials (Proof of Residency and ID card) to verify your basic information –although it isn’t compulsory, verifying your basic information qualifies you for the sale or purchase of Bitcoins worth over #20,000 
  • Enable 2FA –although enabling 2FA isn’t compulsory, it’s required for the beneficial purpose of added security

Step III

  • To locate your bitcoin address, simply hit the Wallet option
  • Doing the above should land you on the wallet page for cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin
  • Toggle to the Bitcoin section of the page and tap the attached Receive button
  • Doing the above will enable you to view your Bitcoin wallet. Looking at the image that emerges, you should check the section tagged ‘3’ for your Bitcoin address. Also, you can fetch more Bitcoin addresses using the section tagged ‘4’

Funding Your Bitcoin Wallet

Loading funds into your Bitcoin wallet (on Quidax) can be done in two ways: (i) buying Bitcoin with naira on Quidax and (ii) requesting that somebody should send Bitcoin to your Bitcoin address.

Steps for Buying Bitcoin on Quidax

  • Enter the Quidax account you created earlier
  • Locate the Wallet option and click it
  • Toggle to the naira section and tap the Deposit button there
  • Specify Card payment as your deposit method
  • Fill in your details –email and phone number
  • Input the amount of naira you wish to deposit in the wallet
  • Following that, hit the Pay button
  • Input your card details and confirm, as required
  • With the above done, the amount of naira you input should reflect in your naira wallet and now, you’re free to buy bitcoin
  • To buy bitcoin, tap the Instant Buy/Sell option
  • Input the amount of bitcoin you intend to buy
  • Tap the Continue button
  • Now, you should see an overview of your order
  • To process your bitcoin purchase, hit the Confirm Order button



We hope reading this post has exposed you to how you can create a Bitcoin wallet as well as fund the wallet. While the Bitcoin wallet creation discussed so far is based on Quidax which is a crypto exchange, you should note that the kind of wallet you’ll be creating on the exchange is termed “hot wallet”. 

Unlike in the case of a cold wallet where you alone can access the wallet, a hot wallet can be accessed by both the owner (of the wallet) and the exchange on which the wallet was created. 

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