The digital marketing industry is known for creating marketing campaigns that can easily win customers depending on their niche, lifestyle, LSM, etc. However, it takes an idea in order to create a marketing campaign that will get the desired results from your target audience. A big idea is a fundamental part of any marketing campaign that needs to provide a clear, impactful and differentiated concept to be executed. In this article, we will take a look at what it takes to come up with a big idea, how that can help steer the campaign forward and how you can transform these ideas into action. 

What Is A Big Idea?

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For a campaign to reach its target audience, gain interaction and conversions, it needs a hook. This hook will be the concept or theme that will make the target audience notice the campaign. This hook may also attract new customers too based on its intended mission. The hooker concept can only be decided upon after a big idea has been brainstormed and ideated. The big idea should be an overarching concept that can stretch across all media so that it’s not just limited to one channel, for example, TV or radio.

The goal of a big idea is to develop an idea that is joined up and integrated with all other relevant channels, rather than a series of separate executions that have a tenuous relationship with one another. This approach will put you in a stronger position to engage customers meaningfully in the places that matter. 

How To Develop A Big Idea?

While creativity and inspiration may reveal themselves during unexpected moments, it is important to develop a big idea with the right and necessary steps that are recommended in the digital marketing and advertising world. Why? It is because these steps have been developed by industry experts who have spent countless hours learning about the dynamics of bringing great products and services to customers through great marketing strategies. Let’s take a look at how digital marketing agencies come up with their big ideas. 

  • Start With A Clear Brief/Challenge

Knowing what you are faced with or need to provide is the key step to coming up with a big idea. The brief will state the challenge(s) or mission the campaign is meant to serve or help solve, and this will usually come from your client or their spokesperson. A clear brief will not only showcase what is to be achieved but also share which target audience the campaign is meant to reach. 

  • Build An Insight Story 

In order to sell your campaign to your target audience, you need to show an understanding of said target audience. Building an insight story is easy when you have the brief. You will need to take the problems, challenges, or outcomes expected from the brief and ask yourself and your team how you take your audience to these outcomes or how you solve their problems. From here, you will start to build insights based on whether your target audience will respond positively or negatively to the solutions you are providing in your brief because that is who you need to connect to! Once you have built insight stories, you will be gearing towards identifying a big idea. 

  • Connect With Your Audience A Little 

Here you can start with a small survey or focused group or any kind of market research you find most rewarding. From your insight story(ies), you would have figured out some of your target audience’s problem areas and have a few ideas for solutions. You can prototype some of these solutions through testing via small groups of people that form part of your target audience. This can be done through questions, trial runs, and sometimes reviews. From here, you may gain more insight into the campaign that will influence your creation of the big idea. 

  • Connect The Brand To The Idea 

Once you have figured out your big ideas and concepts, you need to analyse which one connects more with the brand. This will help you narrow down the ideas you have and help you decide on which idea needs to be invested in more. You have already figured out what your customers will like, now it’s a matter of aligning that with what your client stands for, and you’ll have a great big idea and concept in your hands, ready to be executed. Check these items off your big idea checklist to see if you have met the brief: 

  • What is it called? The name of your big idea 
  • What is it? A brief rationale of your big idea 
  • Why can the product do this? How your client’s brand solves the problem 
  • How will the campaign come to life? A list of your executions 

Developing a big idea from nothing may require the skills and collaboration with different people from different departments, so always be willing to open yourself up to collaborating towards a common goal with the right teams. 

Why Is A Big Idea Important?

Big ideas help us dig deeper into the campaign and execute a well-thought campaign that does not create problems, offend, is illegal or immoral. With the necessary team members involved, extensive research and consideration of both the brand and its customers, big ideas tend to become award-winning thought and action provoking milestones that help achieve their intended goal and much more. 

Arm Yourself With A Qualification

The digital marketing world is full of opportunities for you to spread your wings and ideate regularly. Courses such as an online digital marketing course can either give you the right tools to start your career as a digital marketing manager or entrepreneur or help you hone your already thriving career with the right tools and lessons offered by experts in the field. Consider signing up for a course today and change the way you serve your customers. 

Final Thoughts

Coming up with a big idea becomes part of your day to day job when working in the digital marketing and advertising world, and the way to make it fun and interesting daily is through creating and developing some brilliant ideas that will have your clients interested, and your audience understood.

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