File Transfer On Android, iOS and Windows

Sharing files from one mobile device to another with both device running the same mobile operating system is quite easy and straightforward even if it is a large file. There are lots of apps on the web that make it easier to transfer files and data between two device with either bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection, and some file managing apps i.e ES File Explorer are quite capable of doing the job as well, but what about transferring files on different mobile operating system? That is an entire different case.

There are some operating systems that allow file transfer without any restriction. For instance, sharing files from Java phones to Android phones can be done using bluetooth connection without requiring any additional app, so likewise from BlackBerry to Android (though sharing large files is not encourage).

While it is easy on some it is difficult on others, transferring files directly from Android to iOS or vice versa is simply impossible without additional app to fill the gap and that’s what we will be talking about today.

There are two methods we will be focusing on, both requiring different apps.

1. Zapya

Zapya is a cross multi-platform mobile sharing app that doesn’t requires internet connection to work. With Zapya, files can be transfer from Android to iOS, Android to PC, iOS to Android, iOS to PC, PC to Android and PC to iOS. It make use of Wi-Fi connection in transferring files and its 128 times faster than bluetooth speed.

To use Zapya, all you need to do is:

  • Download the app to both device.
  • Go to app drawer on the Android phone to launch and tap Create Group (make sure Wi-Fi Hotspot is On).
  • Go to menu (top right) and select Connect To IOS Device.
  • Turn on Wi-Fi on your iOS device.
  • Launch Zapya and click search and join in, you should see the Android device name already listed.
  • Click on it to establish connection, thats all.

Download Zapya for Android
Download Zapya for iOS

2. Send Anywhere (File Transfer)

Send Anywhere is a P2P (Peer-To-Peer) file sharing app that allows users to share digital contents in real time without cloud storage. While Zapya doesn’t requires data connection in sharing file, Send Anywhere requires internet connection and sometimes uses Wi-Fi for short distance transfer.

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There are some ways where Send Anywhere might prove more useful than Zapya and that is you can share files to someone at a long distance. It also make use of authentication pin for secure file transfer.

Send Anywhere can be use to transfer file virtually on any device, it supports Android, Windows Phone, iOS, Mac, PC and even have Chrome extension for smart accessibility. You can send file right from the official site without registration and there is no limit to file size you can transfer. Very fast, easy, convenient and secure. To learn more about Send Anywhere, click  here.

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We found Smash to be very useful, so we are adding it to this list

Another convenient way to send files especially to someone in a long distance is to use Smash. Smash is a free web service provided by Fromsmash, a startup company based in France. It allow users to transfer large files to anyone across the world with no fees attached. Perhaps the most interesting thing about Smash is that no registration is required to use the service.

Also, there are no limits to size and amount of files that can be send. To get started, simply visit Fromsmash and enter your email, a link will be sent and from there you can upload your files and send it to your recipient. Uploaded files are saved on their server for seven days before they will be removed.

Give it a shot!

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