Are you looking for an easy way to import your contact to Gmail, then this article is the best for you because, in the article, we will be listing some of the methods and steps you can use to import your contacts to gmail.

How To Import Your Contacts To Gmail


How To Export Outlook Contacts

If you use your Outlook account to sync your contacts in the Microsoft suite, you’ll find all of your contacts in the People area of the Outlook website.

  • To get there, go to and sign in with your email address.
  • This will open the Inbox in Outlook. Click the People button in the bottom-left corner.

  • You’ll now see a list of all your contacts. Click the Manage button in the top-right corner. Select the Export Contacts option from the drop-down menu.
  • You can select to download all contacts or a specific set of contacts from the popup menu. Then, under the File menu, select Export.

Outlook will save a CSV file to your download folder in a matter of seconds.


What Is The Best Way To Export Contacts From iCloud? (and iPhone)

iPhone users who sync their contacts with iCloud can export all of their contacts from a desktop or laptop via the iCloud website. iCloud exports contacts in the vCard (.vcf) format, unlike Outlook and Gmail. But don’t panic; Gmail can easily read and import VCF files.


To begin, make sure that iCloud contact sync is turned on. To do so, launch the Settings app and select your Profile from the drop-down menu at the top. Choose iCloud from the drop-down menu, then check that the Contacts toggle is turned on on the next screen.



Now, in your desktop or laptop browser, go to the iCloud website and sign in, then select the Contacts option.


Choose the Select All option from the Gear icon in the top-left corner. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Command/Control + A.

Return to the Gear icon and select the Export vCard option.

The VCF file will be downloaded to your PC instantaneously via iCloud.


What Is The Best Way To Export Contacts From Gmail?

It’s simple to transfer contacts from one Gmail account to another. To import contacts to your new Gmail account, you’ll need to export contacts from your old Gmail account. To begin, connect into the Gmail account from which you wish to export contacts and visit the Google Contacts page in a new tab.


  • Select the Export option from the sidebar.


In the popup, Google will present you with a few options. You have the option of exporting only the contacts you want, all contacts, or contacts with a specific label.

Make sure the Google CSV format is selected because we’re exporting information for another Gmail address. Then select Export from the drop-down menu.

The CSV file will now be downloaded by Google.


What Is The Best Way To Export Contacts From An Android Phone?

If you have all of your contacts saved locally or on your SIM card on an Android smartphone, you can still quickly export them.


Android manufacturers each have their own contact app. As a result, we recommend using a third-party software to export your local contacts.


The Super Backup & Restore app is a dependable backup and restore solution for contacts and call logs.


Go to the Contacts area after installing the program.

Choose the Backup All option to back up all of your contacts.

The name of the VCF file can be changed on the next screen. After that, press the OK button.


The software will now generate a VCF file for you and save it to your local storage. If you choose to post it to Google Drive or share it with other apps, the app will prompt you.

We recommend that you send this file to yourself via email. Select the Send to Others option, and then select Gmail from the list of apps.

Fill in the To field with your email address, and then send the email.

This way, the VCF file will always be in your Gmail account, and you’ll be able to download or import it on any platform (which is important if you’re switching from Android to iPhone).


What Is The Best Way To Export Contacts From An iPhone? (Without iCloud)

If you don’t want to use iCloud sync, you may manually transfer all of your iPhone contacts using a third-party tool (moving Google contacts to iPhone is just as simple).


There are several contact backup apps on the App Store, but My Contacts Backup is the one that has lasted the test of time. The app’s free edition allows you to export up to 500 VCF contacts. You can eliminate all restrictions by purchasing the My Contacts Backup Pro app for $1.99.


It’s a straightforward program that allows you to email and export contacts on your iPhone. The software exports contacts in the VCF (vCard) format by default, but you may change this to CSV in the options menu.


To use the app, go to the bottom-right corner and tap the Gear icon. Select the CSV (Excel) format from the Type drop-down menu.


To export contacts, open the My Contacts Backup app and grant it access to your contacts.

Then press the Backup button. All of your contacts will be backed up by the app.


After you’ve completed the process, click the Email button.

To send the contacts file to yourself, go to the email compose menu and type in your email address. After that, press the Send button.


Check your mailbox to see if the email with the contact file has arrived.


How Do I Import Contacts Into My Gmail Account?

It’s time to import contacts to your Gmail or Google account now that you’ve exported contacts and have the CSV or VCF file.


To do so, go to Google Contacts and sign in using your Google account.

Select the Import option from the sidebar.


Click the Select File button in the popup.


Select and open the CSV or VCF file you wish to import now.


From the popup menu, select Import.


Google Contacts will now begin the process of importing all of the contacts in the file.

All of your contacts will appear in the Google Contacts page in a matter of seconds.

These contacts will now be available on all of your devices that have Google sync enabled.


Make sure to erase the data from your previous Google account now that you’ve switched to your new Gmail account.

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