Increase Android Phone RAM

Android phone is one of the most popular gadgets used in this modern age because of its advanced functionality, cheap price and simplicity, almost every household possesses one. Although it varies in terms of hardware and software depending on the specifications of the phone, but you can get an Android phone for as low as $60, which makes it one of the cheapest gadgets available.

But low-end Android phones do have limitations when it comes to running apps that requires high specs to run smoothly, and users do usually face lagging and bootloop most of the time when trying to run such apps i.e Facebook, Google Play, Chrome browser e.t.c. Three hardware determines the strength of a device, the processor, graphics, and RAM. Today, we’ll be sharing the easiest way to increase your Android phone RAM memory.

Before you proceed, please note that root is required, if you do not know what root is, you can simply search google to find out.

The app that can do the job is called ROESOFT RAM Expander (Swap), which was developed by ROESOFT. As its name implies, it is capable of increasing phone RAM memory up to 4GB by swapping phone RAM with an external MicroSD card storage. Many success stories have been told which makes us believe that it works. To get started, you first need to check if your Android device is compatible by downloading and installing Memory Info & Swapfile Check to your phone and running the test, if the test is successful you can proceed by buying the app on Play Store.

How To Use: After downloading and installing the app to your phone, launch it and create a swap file. To create a swap file, click on the swap active and enable it. That’s all, after activating it you should be able to run RAM-consuming apps smoothly.

Please Note: For maximum efficiency, make sure you use a Class 8+ MicroSD card.

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