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Blackberry wagon hooked up with Android train with the launch of Blackberry 10 OS and since then things seems to have turned around for the firm. Blackberry is rapidly growing, its latest 10.3.1 OS update even brings Amazon app store onboard which gives a positive sign that the firm has indeed welcome Android onboard. We won’t be suprised if deflected Blackberry users who has migrated to Android community are now thinking of coming back but that won’t be too easy.

Its easy for a former Android user to buy a Blackberry smartphone and begin to enjoy OS 10 life ofcourse but wait, what about those apps you’ve spent so much on or purchase from Play store? Are you willing to throw all the money to dustbin and start all over again? If you’ve been using Amazon App from the start you are fine because you can still retrieve all the apps you previously purchase without paying a dime on your Blackberry device but if you’ve been a long time Android user and has spent so much on in-app purchase of Play store app and purchase various items on Google Play then you may have to start from scratch again but wait a minute, isn’t that what this post is all about?

Right, today we’ll be sharing how Blackberry users can install Google Play Store on their Blackberry OS 10 smartphones and gets all the juices Google Play services has to offer. Blackberry smartphones supported are Z10, Z30, Z5, Z3, Q10, Q5, Classic, Passport, and Porsche P’9983.

If you are Android user and you are thinking of migrating back to Blackberry then this post is meant for you. You can go along with all apps you previously owned and change your Blackberry environment to suit your Android taste. You don’t need to be a pro and the procedures involved are straightforward.

What You Will Be Able To Do After Installing Google Play Store On Your Blackberry Device:

  • Download your favorites apps, book, music, videos and other items from Play Store
  • In-app purchase support, buy golds, upgrade and unlock in apps
  • Download apk files and apps on to your SD card
  • Rate and comments on Play Store
  • Get refund for paid apps (depends on developer)

…….and others.

DISCLAIMER: This tutorial is intended for experienced users only, do not proceed if you are not familiar with your device. We’ll not be held responsible for any mishap that may arise due to misuse of this post.

Note: This tutorial is meant for Blackberry smartphones running OS 10 version 3.x. It won’t work for version 2.x series and it may cause damage. Check and confirm your OS version before proceeding.

Firstly, download the apps below to your Blackberry device but don’t install them yet.

i) Download -> Google Play Store 5.2.13 (build 1) [updated 20.02.15]

ii) Download -> Google Login 4.3.1

iii) Download -> Blackberry Google ID 2.0

After you’ve download them successfully make sure your internet connection is still on. Follow the steps below.

  1. Install Google Login 4.3.1 (or to your device. Click on it to run and enter your Google account details (username and password) to login. If successful the app will close automatically.
  2. Install Blackberry Google ID 2.0 (or cobalt.blackberry.androidID), run it then follow its instruction to register your device and link it up with Google Play
  3. Lastly, install Google Play Store 5.2.13 (or and run. You’ve got a working Google Play now.

That’s all, its quite easy and even a dummy can do this.

Note: All the three apps must remain installed on your Blackberry smartphone for Google Play to work.

All credits goes to Cobalt232 on Crackberry who has work and compose this all together to put smile on Blackberry users face. This works originate from him and he is the author of all the procedures in this post.

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