In buying a lemon fresh cream product, there are important things you should consider if you must avoid purchasing a fake product. As you read this post further, you’ll find out the clever tips for identifying fake lemon fresh cream.

Identifying Fake Lemon Fresh Cream

Nowadays, fake lemon fresh cream may be quite hard for some people to identify simply because its packaging could look almost the same as that of the original product. In the past, identifying the fake product was somewhat easy as it readily came in substandard packaging.

As a willing buyer without adequate knowledge of the original product, you could be lured into buying the fake product. While attempting to buy the fake product, you could equally be asked to pay as much money as you’d normally shelve out for the original product.

Besides the mishap of losing your hard-earned money to a counterfeit purchase, one terrible drawback of fake lemon fresh cream is the likelihood of side effects. Generally, a counterfeit skin care product is not advisable for use and if you’re accidentally using one (such as the fake lemon fresh cream), you could be vulnerable to skin infections.

To save yourself the risk of purchasing fake lemon fresh cream, your best bet is buying from a trusted seller. You may as well need to arm yourself with the tips for identifying fake lemon fresh cream.

Clever Tips to Help You Identify Fake Lemon Fresh Cream

Check the Cream Colour

White is the usual and widely recognized colour of original lemon fresh cream. If your lemon fresh cream has a different colour, you’re very likely to have purchased a fake product.


Check the Body Colour of the Cream

Original lemon fresh cream often comes in either of two body colours which are red and ash (colours). However, this doesn’t mean all lemon fresh cream products with red/ash body colour are original.

Advisably, you should be wary of any lemon fresh cream whose body colour is unusually reddish or ashy. Chances are that the lemon fresh cream you’ve picked is counterfeit if its body colour is dark ash or light red.

The bottom line here is that a lemon fresh cream product with a body colour (other than red or ash) is very likely to be counterfeit.


Feel the Scent of the Cream

If you’ve had an experience of the original lemon fresh cream before, you’ll easily agree that it has a distinct scent. That’s the scent of Phellinus Linteus which has been described as a beneficial ingredient.

Before picking up a lemon fresh cream for purchase, be sure you can recognize the scent of Phellinus Linteus. If the lemon fresh cream you’ve picked off a shelf doesn’t have the unique scent of Phellinus Linteus, that cream is probably far from being original.

With Phellinus Linteus being an essential ingredient of lemon fresh cream, it’s definitely important for any original lemon fresh cream to give off the scent of the ingredient. If this is your first time of buying lemon fresh cream and you can’t distinguish the scent of Phellinus Linteus, you may try getting the original one (probably from a friend who has) and compare its scent with that of the lemon fresh cream you’re about to buy.


Pay Attention to the Packaging of the Cream

The container of the original lemon fresh cream is usually in form of a bottle. What this tells you is that the original product is always bottled.

Therefore, you must pay attention to the packaging of lemon fresh cream while attempting to purchase the skin care product. If the product is contained in a cup, tube or any container other than the usual bottle, this is a red-flag indicating that the product could be another off-the-shelf counterfeit.


Look out for Suspicious User Reviews

This tip will prove handy if you’re opting to buy from a third party such as a seller on Amazon. Frankly, not all the sellers on Amazon are reliable and this is why you must look out for the reviews given about such sellers.

Sadly however, some Amazon reviews are false and they could be used to lure you into buying a fake product. On the one hand, you should look out for honest reviews and on the other hand, you must be sure the seller you’re going with is not one with several negative reviews.

If you sift through the reviews about a particular seller and observe too many negative reviews in relation to the positive ones, this is plainly a red-flag.


Pros of Lemon Fresh Cream

  • It enhances uniform skin toning and keeps the skin colour balanced
  • The cream keeps your skin fresh
  • It provides protection against wrinkles and sunburn
  • It works for all skin colours/types
  • The cream is completely free of hydroquinone
  • It doesn’t bleach the skin


If you’ve always loved to have a skin care product that suits any skin type (dark, chocolate or fair), lemon fresh cream could be the best match for you. The product also saves you the risk of skin bleach and this, probably, is a benefit you might not get from many of the similar products out there.


Cons of Lemon Fresh Cream

Some of the purported cons of lemon fresh cream aren’t anything to worry about if you’re sure you didn’t purchase the fake product.

For the most part, Phellinus Linteus (a sweet-smelling ingredient in lemon fresh cream) could worsen immune infection. This, according to research, is why it is advisable that people battling RA (rheumatoid arthritis) and SLE (systemic lupus erythematosus) should either refrain from the product or use it with great care.

Another fear about Phellinus Linteus is the risk of enlarged prostate. This is why individuals (men) battling benign prostatic hyperplasia (aka enlarged prostate) are strongly advised to stay away from the product.



We strongly believe that this post has covered all the things you wanted to know about lemon fresh cream. Most especially, the post must have walked you through the clever tips for identifying fake lemon fresh cream.


How to know fake lemon fresh cream

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